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Automatic Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser of Industrial Oil Degreasing Vapor Cleaning Machine for PCB_Plastic_Glass_Metal Steam Clean

Automatic Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser

Automatic vapor cleaning machine

Automatic Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser is #1:multipe-stage #2: Fully automatic process from loading to unloading #3: Solvent Steam Cleaning #4: Ultrasonic agitated in industrial Vapor Degreasing applied for PCB_Metal_Plastic oil and solid contamination diffusion and removing process

Product description

Automatic Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser


Automatic Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser is used for cleaning electronic components, the rosin of circuit board, heavy grease of precision mechanical parts, polishing wax, precision copper parts, aluminum zinc alloy, greasy hardware


Imported vibrators IIE made in USA Stainless steel cleaning tank, SUS304,2.0mm for thickness Imported air cooling unit made in USA Other electronics, made in Japan or South Korea Build-in condensing system, fully enclosed, by which to avoid solvent evaporation Liquid level sensor and alarm system for ensuring the machine work properly Solvent filtration and recycling system reduce the production cost Fast drying system to improve efficiency Automatic temperature control system

Qualified Solvent

Trichloroethylene, methyl chloroform and other organic solvents (non-flammable solvent)

Cleaning process

First class ultrasonic cleaning→second class ultrasonic cleaning→vapor cleaning→cooling and drying (automatic distillation solvent recovery and automatic recycling)

Mainly Parameter

Ultrasonic cleaning tank ( fist class and second class)



inner cleaning tank


Vibration mode


Vibrators number


Ultrasonic power


Ultrasonic frequency


Heating power


Heating mode

Heating board from outside


0 up 100

Vapor cleaning tank

Inner cleaning tank


Heating power


Heating mode

Heating tube into the water


0 up 110

Distillation tank

Inner cleaning tank


Heating power


Heating mode

Heating tube into the water


0 up 110

Frozen system



Frozen height


Turns of frozen pipes


General parameter

Overall size


Overall power


Power supply


MFR:KEEPLEADER™ have modified and designed Automatic Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser  for our customers’ unique and special requirements, please contact KEEPLEADER™ for updated details

Detailed iamges

Automatic Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser has built-in #1: Sevo driven transmission #3: Ultrasonic agitation #3: Reciprocating compressor #4: Distillation recirculation #5: Top Condensing Cooling Jacket #6: Programmable Logic Controller+Touch Screen #7: Safe Protective Sensor alarm #8: Ultrasonic cleaning-ultrasonic rinsing-vapor cleaning-distillation drying in-line process #9: Fully Closed Shield and Vapor emission impeding #10: Down aigitation and Slow lifting elevator #11: Pre-cleaning Tank combined

Function illustration

Automatic Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser can accept individual configuration, size for exceptional application

Buying guides

01: Choose your correct system

For customers demanding multiple stage ultrasonic cleaning and high efficiency parts drying, KEEPLEADER™ multi-stage consoles provide the same efficient, effective ultrasonic cleaning technology plus the ability to move the items items through additional wash and rise stages, KEEPLEADER™ will design a custom-sized and custom-featured ultrasonic cleaning machine to meet your specific needs

011: heated ultrasonic cleaning

012: heated ultrasonic cleaning + heated rinse

013: heated ultrasonic cleaning + heated ultrasonic rinsing

014: heated ultrasonic cleaning + heated ultrasonic rinsing + hot air drying

015: Inner size of cleaning tank, frame construction, custom color, ultrasonic frequency

02: Choose your tank size

021: the length*Width*depth you wanting

022: advise KEEPLEADER™ the size of your cleaning parts and cleaning efficiency

03: Each system includes:

031: Full insulated stainless steel tanks

032: Exterior power coat finish

033: Digital temperature controls-each tank

034: Digital timer-controlled ultrasonic cleaning

035: Dual stage filtration-cleaning stage

036: Single-stage filtration rinse stage

037: Low-level float sensors-each stage

04: Exceed industry standards

041: All size available, including bench version

042: High quality stainless steel construction

043: For vapor degreasing, cleaning and drying applications

044: Full solution control features

Packaging and shipment

Automatic Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser is installed in sea transportaion, we also provide tutorial video and installation, operation, maintenance instruction, or on-site training if so in need

Contact Us

If you have porous parts in precision cleaning, Automatic Ultrasonic Vapor Degreaser is the reliable solution for enviroment-friendly, cost-saved, consumtion-reduced, consistent cleaning effect, please contact us for your practical application, our tech team will work out our professional solution for your tech verification prior to your proper decision

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