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Automatic tarpaulin high frequency welding machine

Automatic tarpaulin high frequency welding machine

Product description

Truck cover High Frequency welding machine

Automatic canvas welding machine
KLR-8KW-CB  Automatic canvas welding machine
This Automatic Mobile Welding model is specially designed for industrial canvas welding and large area of PVC welding
The Mode equip with incredible High sensor electronic protection system with which the mould and material are perfectly protected
The Output of High Frequency is in compliance with international Radiation standard which avoids any harm to human body
for welding tent, PVC tarpaulin, ceiling, truck cover and printed advertisement canvas conjunctions,awning, cANOPY, sunshades; and all kinds of canvas products welding
Power supply3 Phase 380V
Input power15KVA
RectifierSilicon Diode
Vibration tube7T69RB Toshiba
Spark protection5557
Max. gap of electrodes50MM
Up electrode800*25mm*N
Down electrode6000mm*N*500mm
Operate stylePneumatic
Time adjust0-10S adjustable
Working table12 meter

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