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Handheld Welder Ultrasonic Plastic Spot Welding Machine of 800w_28K Portable PE_PP Bonding_Riveting_Sealing Ultrasound Welders

Handheld Welder Ultrasonic Plastic Spot Welding Machine

Handheld Welder Ultrasonic Plastic Spot Welding Machine

Handheld Welder Ultrasonic Plastic Spot Welding Machine adopts acoustic transmission principle of contracting and expanding, that results high frequency electronic system will be converter to high frequency mechanical vibration with piezoelectric ceramic discs mounted in the ultrasonic transducer stack from ultrasonic generator, through welding mold to the plastic body, make the plastic joint face shape friction melt, caused the plastic body joint surface between plastic flow of material instantaneous agglutination process,handheld type gain popularity for flexible assembling process because of compact design, handgrip tool and maneuverable working scenario

Product description

Handheld Welder Ultrasonic Plastic Spot Welding Machine

Plastic spot welder description

01: small, convenient operation

02: Either hand control or foot control can be easily converted with a pedal switch

03: Applicable scope: riveting, spot-welding, and ultrasonic cutting

Build in processor features

01: Microprocessor controlled

02: Automatic Frequency tuning

03: Digital Amplitude control

04: Back-lit LCD display with optional controller
05: Ultrasonic load meter scale with optional controller

06: PLC I/O connector

07: Overload protection Circuitry 
08: Overload reset 
Ultrasonic plastic welder features
01: uses ultrasonic piezo ceramics transducer, with stable output

02: robust circuit design
03: easy to operate

04: it is suitable for 1 to 15mm welding stitches

05: horn shape could be round, spare or other shapes

06: the welding pattern can be customized

07: comes with hand trigger

08: Ultrasonic power 800w, frequency 28khz

09: Model: KLC-8028

10: Power input: 220v / 240v, 50 / 60hz
11: 10ft removable cable (other lengths available)

12: welding area:1 to 12mm or 1 to 15mm

13: welding time: 0.1 to 10s

14: All metal construction

15: Food pedal is optional 

 Note: The parameter herein stated is manually measured, the actual machine has possibility in little difference, if have crucial demand in its application, please double check with our sales, only paper confirmed will be regarded as contracted obligation 

Machine Uses

Handheld Welder Ultrasonic Plastic Spot Welding Machine

Handheld Welder Ultrasonic Plastic Spot Welding Machine roles numerous manual assembly operations to bond, reshape,or mold materials,that cover thermoplastic processes of spot welding, Edge trimming,staking,swagging,riveting,embedding,that involves in assembling of electronic appliances, automobile accessories,garment packaging,textile industry, environmental protection industry, medical equipment, toy industry, PP/PE conveyor belt, manure belt, non-woven fabric, dashboard, sound insulation cotton, bumper, footwear, waterproof board, fecal belt,egg collection belt, communication equipment and other industries

Detailed Images

Handheld Welder Ultrasonic Plastic Spot Welding Machine

Handheld Welder Ultrasonic Plastic Spot Welding Machine acquire its prevalent predominance with advanced pros, such as saving time and energy and money on utilities. Lightweight and maneuverable for ease of use;utilizing advanced technology for performance and consistency;all steel shell, all aluminum heat dissipation, thin film panel,digital timer, overload alarm,OSC testing, ultrasonic deviation alarm. Welding current display at a glance, strong power up to 800w;equipped with super folding gray industrial-grade cable; novel portable structure design, quick and convenient operation and movement, handgrip operation, automatic tracking system

Customized Tooling

Handheld Welder Ultrasonic Plastic Spot Welding Machine

Handheld Welder Ultrasonic Plastic Spot Welding Machine gratifies individual assembling process because of its customized mold,that is acoustic tool, also named ultrasonic sonotrode or ultrasonic horn, hence, we request the end-users to provide us with their practical information, likely material, size and sample photo,expectation and etc for tech audit 

Our service



Customized design; Safe and convenient operation


Comprehensive management process, leading technology and service team


Internationalization of business process; Rich experience of Non-standard design


Uniform standard with special difference for each, Professional and Experienced service


Yearly 30% Market share increased, One-to-one service

the clients offer information of the workpieces being welded (eg: picture, materials, sizes, requirements, etc) if have samples, it’s better to send KEEPLEADER™ some sample to perform the welding test, if can be welded, we provide offer sheet, once confirmed, sign a contract, the clients paid the deposit, KEEPLEADER™ start equipment building, after passing the acceptance, and receive the balance payment, KEEPLEADER™ delivery the device to clients

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Handheld Welder Ultrasonic Plastic Spot Welding Machine is used for spot welding, swagging,pressure welding, riveting, marking,seam sealing, screw embedding,applique welding and other thermoplastic assembling process, ultrasonic power and frequency take compliance with individual production,hence, we request our clients to provide us with their sample photo, welding material, thickness,pattern and shape of tip, or expected performance, that are predominant to work out capable and reliable acoustic tooling sets

Handheld Welder Ultrasonic Plastic Spot Welding Machine