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TPU PU Leather Embossing Radio Frequency Machine for Shoe Vamp Insole_EVA Foam_Car Mattress_Badge Logo Pneumatic R/HF Pressing

TPU PU Leather Embossing Radio Frequency Machine

 TPU PU Leather Embossing Radio Frequency Machine

TPU PU Leather Embossing Radio Frequency Machine mainly uses high-voltage rectification self-excited high frequency electron tubes to oscillate to generate an electromagnetic wave current electric field instantly, and uses the processed PVC,TPU, EVA, PET, artificial leather and other thermal plastics and leather materials to generate polarized friction in the internal molecules of the materials in the electromagnetic wave electric field, plus a certain pressure, make the leather and plastic products that need to heat-sealed and welded to achieve embossing effect in concave and convex, which often gratify productive process of decorative embossing, welding reinforcement,tear-off trimming treatment and functional modulation and coding identification 

Product description

Mainly application

 TPU PU Leather Embossing Radio Frequency Machine Applied for double sides blister packaging for APET, PETG, GAG, PVC, welding and cutting of soft crease box making, toothbrush blister packaging, mobile clearer, belt, watchband, featured in automatic welding and cutting of blister packaging and paper card.


Wide using in environmental protection plastic packing ,toothbrush packing,

environmental production dress-glue products with APET,PETG,GAG materials,

Equally can process any materials needing welding and cutting simultaneously.

double-way automatic slipway, back-forth or continuous delivering the mould,

Accurate-orientation, error±20um.

Adjustable cutting pressure 1-50 ton, stable and reliable in output, firm in structure.

Adopting high sensitive anti-sparkle device NL5557 to avoid damaging the mould efficiency.

Operation mode: oil pneumatic or pure-pneumatic.

Technique specifications






220V/380V   50/60HZ



Input power




Oscillation tube


Max pressure


Gap between electrodes


active horn


Size of upper electrode


Size of lower electrode


Range of temperature

30~200°C Adjustable

Welding time

0~10S Adjustable


Equal or less 5000times/8h

Net weight


Overall dimension


Standard equipment:




Air driven components



AC contactor






Electron Tube



Time controller



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Detailed Images

TPU PU Leather Embossing Radio Frequency Machine

TPU PU Leather Embossing Radio Frequency Machine obtains priority in flexible products making which is made of polymer material, such as 1st: decorative appearance or embossing on the welded items are possible by engraving or profiling the plates;2nd: by incorporating a cutting edge adjacent to the welding surface, the process can simultaneously weld and cut material, this is often called tear-off weldingbecause the cutting edge compressed the hot plastic sufficiently to allow the excess scrap material to be torn off;3rd: HF welding focuses the heat at the welding target so that the surrounding material does not have to be super-heated and risk burning in order to achieve target temperature at the joint;4th: with HF, heat is generated only the field is energized, this allows for greater control over the amount of energy that the material sees over the entire cycle,when the material can remain under pressure without introducing more heat, it is possible to both instantly heat, weld and cool the material under compression thus increasing the welding strength, even stronger that material matrix;5th: HF generated heat does not radiate off the plates like other heated surface used in welding, this prevents heat degradation of the material abutting the weld

Product uses

TPU PU Leather Embossing Radio Frequency Machine

TPU PU Leather Embossing Radio Frequency Machine solely works with thermoplastic that have dielectric constant,in this process, an electric field is generated near the joint, the direction of which is alternated approximately twenty-seven million time a second, every time the electric field changes, the dipole molecules of the polymer attempt to flip around to realign themselves to the new field orientation, because this movement is impaired by inertia and friction, the molecules dont flip in union, this content relative movement of the molecules results in inter molecular friction which results in heat and subsequently melting that interior heating usually works on flexible products making of sealing, cutting, embossing, forming, coding, imprinting,decoration,edge trimming in commodities made of EVA,PU,TUP,GAG,PET,PETG,APET,PVC,Plastic coated Fabric cloth,artificially leather, likely plastic folding boxes,blister package sealing,athlete shoe vamp and insole, Mobile phone slip cover, badge holder, car mattress,pedal cushion and other automotive interior trim productions 

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TPU PU Leather Embossing Radio Frequency Machine designates hydraulic system to activate heating pressure during achievement of high frequency dipole alignment heating that is reliable efficiency for thick and big size material in sealing, die cutting, embossing and molding in making mattress, pads, and other decorative lining,covering and coating, thanks for decades of experimental construction to gratify various flexible products making via high frequency bonding technology, keepleader, we are collecting our practical accumulation and embedding them into our fresh manufacturing that are encoding recipes with programmable logic control in touch screen, the operator is convenient to access in setting and monitoring working status,because of upcoming individualism,our universal model can gratify versatility,which demands your detailed anticipation, believe that our engineer can work out a reliable and affordable solution for your production

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