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Ribbon Hot Cutting Machine

Product description


shape cutting machine, tape cutting machine,strip cutting machine, soft tube cutting,Ribbon hot cutting

 shape cutting machine


The machine adopts microcomputer numerical control device, easy to operate;
Can set the belt cutting length, size, precision, less waste;
Adjustable feed rate of speed, convenience of different materials appropriate adjustments;
A quantitative cut, the set will automatically stop when the number is rated

Replaced knife to couple with different shape cutting

Cutting width can made-to-order

Set length, set-quantity and set-speed cannot be erased if power is switch on and off

Hot cutting, nice appearance by hot sealing after cutting

Mainly application

Applicable to bonding, tape,  and other materials rounded, semi-rounded, sword-shaped, rectangular and other fixed-inch cutting, molding use.





120W(the maximum power:500w under request)


220V Single phase or 110V for USA,Canada

Net weight


Overall dimension



120-140pcs/min basing 50mm

Cutting width

1 up to 115mm

 Cutting tolerance


 Cutting precision


 Cutting material

 Heat shrinking tube/flat cable/pvc sleeve/insulation tube/two-side tape/cotton yard belt/nylon belt/soft tube

Cutting length



Hot, 900 degree as maximum

MFR: KEEPLEADER™  has modified and designed machine to accommodate our customers\ unique and special requirements, pls contact KEEPLEADER™  for tech assessment 

Detailed iamges

Ribbon Hot Cutting Machine of label hot cutting machine

Product uses

Ribbon Hot Cutting Machine of label hot cutting machine

Ribbon Hot Cutting Machine of label hot cutting machine