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Ultrasonic Label Cutting Machine for Fabric Tape_Satin Ribbon_Nylon_Textile Belt Cutting Machine of Automatic Tap Label Cutting

Ultrasonic Label Cutting Machine

Ultrasonic label cutting machine

Ultrasonic Label Cutting Machine is #1: automatic feeding #2: ultrasonic agitation cutting #3: in different size and shape for #4: label, table, belt, tube, ribbon band.

Product description


Ultrasonic power


Ultrasonic frequency



110V-240V, 50HZ/60HZ


200-230 pcs/minute

Air pressure


Cutting width


Cutting thickness









Ultrasonic Label Cutting Machine is intended for cutting shapes in difference size, the cutting material includes plastic belt, synthetic belt, non-woven belt, and fabric, nylon belt, for example: ribbon, plastic bandage, safety belt, mask ear-loop bandage, plastic rope, braid, cloth, and non woven fabric, nylon, coated fabric, needlework cloth brand, handle and etc


NTK Ultrasonic transducer, strong power and stable performance

20khz ultrasonic machine, can supply strong output, but little noise

Build-in PLC, convenient and visible for operation and debugging

Cutting length and width is adjustable

Cutting speed can be chosen

Cutting shape can completed by changing mold

Automatic cutting, and winding, auto detect and rectify the deviation

No spark and fog during cutting, won’t damage the fabric edge

No preheating, cold cutting, but have not stringing

Cutting and sealing edge can complete in one process 

KEEPLEADER™ remain its right in modify the data for updated design of Ultrasonic Label Cutting Machine

Detailed images

Ultrasonic label cutting machine for ribbon, Belt cutting

Ultrasonic Label Cutting Machine is computerized in control system, ultrasonic molecular agitation tearing in cutting, servo driven in auto feeding, compact structure in cost-saving and reliable and consistent in cutting performance

Prodcut uses

Ultrasonic label cutting machine for ribbon, Belt cutting

Ultrasonic Label Cutting Machine is available for belt, strip, label, tube, tape, ribbon made of fabric, satin, webbing, woven, textile, nylon, elastic in cutting within limited width

After-sales service

 After purchasing at KEEPLEADER™ is first step of our after-service, all of machines at KEEPLEADER™ has one year guarantee, we provide free samples for

defected parts to do replacement except for human damage, under information for your notice

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at KEEPLEADER™, we will assign our experienced engineer analyze your case and provide technical

support, in case of damaged parts that cannot repair, KEEPLEADER™ will provide a new parts to replace the defect

03: For any replacement and maintenance, KEEPLEADER™ has user manual and training video

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06:  KEEPLEADER™ can provide electric diagram under request 

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