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Nuts_Bolts Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaner

Nuts_Bolts Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaner

Nuts_Bolts Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaner

Nuts_Bolts Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaner is used for Machinery components cleaning, eg: ♦1: Steel Nuts & Bolts  ♦2: Engine Valves ♦3: Metal hardware ♦4: Pecision Parts, and filter circulation system is in your option, the inner size of cleaning tank  is also customized, other configuration and functional combination you cannot find here can buid as request

Product Description


Nuts_Bolts Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaner is used for machinery compoments ultrsonic wave cleaning, eg: steel nuts and bolts, engine valve, oil filter and precision metal parts 


Auto frequency tracking function, which have advantage of automatic find the best ultrasonic performance for different cleaning parts

This machine can connect with remote control

Automatic filter circulation system, which can help to reduce the water consumption and avoid secondary contamination

Detailed parameter


Nuts_Bolts Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaner




With filter circulation sytem

Ultrasonic power


Heating power


Vibrator standard

28khz/40khz,50W/60w/pc (optional)

Power supply

380V/220V,50HZ/60HZ (optional)

Size of inner cleaning tank


Size of outside




Control mode


Heating temperature

0 up to 110 adjustable

Vibration mode

Bottom vibration

Heating mode

Heating board at two sides

Cleaning basket

Stainless steel, the mesh 10*10mm


Separated Power Switch, Ultrasonic SW and Heating SW


Assembled Four Universal wheel

Separated lid/Cap

With cleaning Basket

Each generator has power wire of 5m

High Q value(ILSAN made in Korea) Vibrators

Stainless steel Drain valve assembled under the bottom

Automatic frequency tracking Generator

Over-current protection

Soft-start function


Inner cleaning tank


Vibrating side

SUS 304L,2.5mm

Surrounded outside

SUS 304L,2.0mm

Base support

Stainless steel Square tube 38mm*38mm,1.5mm

DC Connector


Process standard

Vibration side

Hard chrome plated:0.05mm


No glitches, no corners, smooth, beautiful

Inner cleaning tank

Well welded, upright, water-proof

Welding spot

No burn marks, welding marks after polishing

Fixed screw

Ball head smooth

Assembled mode of vibrator

Glued + Screwed

Heating rod

Well insulated, short-cut protected

Free spare parts

Separated generator, heating rod, fuse


Wooden case with pallet, easy operated by fork

Supported under the bottom avoid impacting during delivery

Stretch seal around

MFR: KEEPLEADER has modified and designed Nuts_Bolts Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaner to accommodate our customers' unique and special requirements

pls contact KEEPLEADER for tech assessment with your detailed app.

Detailed Images

Nuts_Bolts Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaner

Nuts_Bolts Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaner has filter cirluation, you also can request agitating basket in up and down throwing or rotary/spin basket

Product Uses

Nuts_Bolts Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaner

Packaging And Shipment

Nuts_Bolts Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaner

Nuts_Bolts Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaner has plywood packages for international transportation

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Nuts_Bolts Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaner

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