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Hardware Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine of industrial Ultrasonic cleaning machine

Hardware Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine of industrial Ultrasonic cleaning machine

Hardware Parts Ultrasonic Cleaning machine

Machine Description

 01: Parameter



Ultrasonic power


Heating power


Inner size of sonic tank


Inner size of drying tank


Numbers of ultrasonic vibrators


Numbers of ultrasonic tank


Power supply


Net weight


Overall size


02: How dose ultrasonic work?

Ultrasonic energy causes alternating patterns of low and high pressure phase, during the low pressure phase, bubbles or vacuum cavities from, in the subsequent high pressure phase, these bubbles violently impede, this implosion is call cavitations

Ultrasonic cavitations, therefore, provides an intense scrubbing action, which leads to unsurpassed cleaning speed and consistency when compared with simple soaking or immersion with agitation, this bubbles created during ultrasonic cleaning are small enough to penetrate even microscopic and complex hidden crevices, cleaning then thorough and consistently, as a result, using ultrasonic cleaning equipment is by far the most effective and efficient methodology you can use for cleaning a wide array of metal and plastic parts across a seemingly endless range of industries

03: Highlighting

Built with as many tanks as the process requires, the tanks size and function are customized

Rugged, stainless steel tank and frame construction for decades of use

Economical system design

Lifetime guaranteed piezoelectric transducers and frequency sweep ultrasonic generator

Custom configurations available

04: Advantage to clean metal parts

Cleans small, delicate parts such as wiring, and plastics without damage

Cleans small apertures, blind holes and crevices which would be difficult to reach

Does not require line-of-sight for effective cleaning

Does not sue harsh chemical solvents that are dangerous for workers and environment

Safe for aluminum, magnesium and zinc

Biodegradable cleaning

Clean multiple pieces at once without having to break them down or brush by hand
05: Ultrasonic efficiently removes

Carbons, varnishes, oil, grease, and metal shavings

Lubricants, rust, and carcinogens 
06: How to use

You will develop a routine, but here are the general steps, add the cleaning solution to the ultrasonic cleaning equipment fill line and, using the operation panel, set the temperature to 40 degree and time to 10~ 20 minutes, the degassing step drives off cavitations inhibiting air and must be taken time a new solution is prepared, when air bubbles stop floating to the surface you are ready to begin

Carefully place the parts in the cleaning basket, so they don’t come in contact with each other, a fine mesh immersion basket safely holds screws and other small objects

Lower the basket into the cleaning solution then start the cleaning cycle using manual start

As residue rises to the surface skin it off and set it aside for future disposal

Examine the hardware and continue ultrasonic cleaning until all residues are removed

If you are satisfied with the finish, rinse the hardware thoroughly in water and dry it


Advantages of ultrasonic cleaning machine

Ultrasonic cleaning machine deliver a superior level of clean that no conventional parts cleaning system can provide, this, however, is not their only advantage, they are also environment friendly, cost effective, time efficient, versatile, gentle, energy efficient, reliable and able to clean the smallest parts

01: Environmental friendless: ultrasonic cleaning offers reduced biodegradable waste, emissions, and a safer working environment

02: Cost effectiveness: Since ultrasonic cleaning utilizes soap-based solutions in combination with ultrasonic energy, it has minimal operation costs, the cost per operation can vary a little, depending on the type of cleaning agent used and the part being cleaned, however, it is marginal in comparison to other options

03: Time efficiency: The time required to clean metal parts using ultrasonic cleaning is relatively short, so you’ll see great savings on your energy bill

04: Versatility: using ultrasonic industrial parts cleaning machine, you can clean up almost every variety of pollutants and particulates, oil, grease, metal chips and cutting fluids, dirty, sand, metal melts, paint, shavings, carbon, sulfur, oxides, and many other elements are in the list of contaminants that these intelligent devices can eradicate

05: Gentleness: to clean parts and remove debris, ultrasonic cleaners do not rely on abrasion, scrubbing, spraying, vacuuming or the like instead, they offer a much gentler solution, ultrasonic is so gentle that you can even use it to clean the delicate microchips of phones and laptops

06: Energy efficiency: in comparison with traditional industrial parts washers, ultrasonic cleaning machine consumer much less power, while other washing machines have scores of motors to perform different actions, ultrasonic cleaning machine has just one motor to carry out different exercises furthermore, the cleaning machine motor is usually designed to work efficiently without consuming too much electricity

07: Reliability: ultrasonic technology centers on effective and reliable parts cleaning, there is no moving or rotary part in this application, to put it simply, ultrasonic cleaning machine do not work on rotating mechanism, for that reason, ultrasonic cleaning keep working reliably and constantly

08: Small parts cleaning: when you are working with ultrasonic cleaning machine, there is no need to worry about small machine parts, this cleaning system offers an easy in washing small parts that are typically tough to clean with conventional systems, in addition to this factors, you can perform cleaning even with open and deep section of machine parts, ultrasonic cleaning machine prove vey effective for parts with passageways, small openings, cracks and holes

Buying Guides

Ordering consideration

With the selection and purchasing of any capital machines, certain tools are better that others for specific application, ultrasonic cleaning machine are no different, and many are available on the market, beyond knowing the application requirements, here are the main consideration for choosing an ultrasonic cleaning machine that best fits a shop’s needs

01: Tank size:

Larger tanks cost more money, so usually the smaller the better as long as there is enough space around the parts for the ultrasonic waves to properly penetrate and clean

02: Tank wall thickness:

Reducing the thickness of the stainless steel holding tank walls can reduce machine costs, but thinner walls are more vulnerable to stress, and potential leaks from the high frequency vibration of transducers

03: Number of transducers:

an ultrasonic cleaning machine with fewer transducers can be initially less expensive, but more transducers provide a faster and more complete cleaning process, an ultrasonic cleaning machine should have enough transducers to generate sufficient sound waves to reach the parts from all angles

04: Temperature control:

ultrasonic cleaning is generally most effective between30~60 degree, an ultrasonic cleaning machine that can maintain constant temperature levels in that range can provide predictable, effective results

05: Circulation and filtering system:

As contaminants are removed from parts, they either fall to the bottom of the tank, float around in the cleaning solution or float on top, if these free contaminants are not removed, they will eventually build up and inhibit cleaning, to extend the life of the solution an save time by reducing the frequency of change-outs, circulation filtration can be built into machine to continuously filter contaminants

06: Accessories:

some accessories, such as a basket or tray to hold the parts above the floor of the tank and a tank cover to keep dust and dirty out of the solution when the machine is not in use, are important parts of an effective ultrasonic cleaning machine, these accessories come standard with some machines or as options with others

Hardware Parts Ultrasonic Cleaning machine


Frequency asked question

01: What is ultrasonic cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning uses ultrasonic energy in an immersion cleaning tank to assist in the removal of tenacious or stubborn soils from parts; an ultrasonic cleaning machine always consists of at least three main components

A tank to hold the cleaning fluid and the dirty parts

A generator to transform the line voltage into an ultrasonic signal

Transducers to convert the ultrasonic electrical signal into mechanical energy

02: What is an ultrasonic generator?

The ultrasonic generator takes AC electrical energy from the power line and converts it to electrical energy alternating at the desired ultrasonic frequency in addition; the ultrasonic generator may have complex circuitry which automatically tunes its output to the optimum operating frequency from the ultrasonic transducer

03: What is an ultrasonic transducer?

A transducer converts electrical energy at the ultrasonic frequency to mechanical motion-sound; it directs the sound energy into the cleaning tank

04: What is cavitations and implosion?

The phenomenon of cavitations is unique in fluids, the cavitations bubbles implode releasing high energy locally, and this implosion is the heart of the ultrasonic process

05: How does ultrasonic cleaning work?

An ultrasonic cleaning machine works by inducing controlled cavitations in the cleaning fluid, cavitations refers to microscopic voids or bubbles that form when the transducers emit sufficient ultrasonic energy into the fluid, the cavitations bubbles form relatively slowly and then collapse suddenly, releasing tremendous energy against the surfaces of objects immersed in the tank, that scrubs hard to remove soils from the parts

After-Sales Service

After purchasing at KEEPLEADER™ is first step of our after-service, all of machines at KEEPLEADER™ has one year guarantee, we provide free samples for defected parts to do replacement except for human damage, under information for your notice

01: KEEPLEADER™ always posts the new technical file in our homepage that can help our client in new technical information of machines’ design, character, application, operation, maintenance,

and related, KEEPLEADER™ also welcome our clients feed back the machines’ working condition that can get one to one service

02: If the machine you purchased has any defects, please contact sales representative at KEEPLEADER™, we will assign our experienced engineer analyze your case and provide technical support, in case of damaged parts that cannot repair, KEEPLEADER™ will provide a new parts to replace the defect

03: For any replacement and maintenance, KEEPLEADER™ has user manual and training video

04: KEEPLEADER™ can go to oversea for on-site training

05: KEEPLEADER™ can provide electric diagram if in need

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Hardware Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine