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Hand-held Tire Hot Brander_Marker for Tire_Tyre Hot Branding_Stamping of Portable_Hand-held Tire Electric Hot Branding Machine

Hand-held Tire Hot Brander_Marker for Tire_Tyre Hot Branding

Hand-held Tire Hot Brander_Marker for Tire_Tyre Hot Branding
Hand-held Tire Hot Brander_Marker is used for hot branding/stamping on tyre_tire for identified code, the branding die can make to order
Machine Description
Hand-held Tire Hot Brander_Marker
Hand-held Tire Hot Brander_Marker for car tyre is used for Trademark brand, stamping numbers, date stamping tires, tyre hot stamping, leather stamping, furniture trademark stamping machine
Wide ranges: Furniture trademark stamping machine, leather stamping machine, hot stamping trademarks, numbers stamping machine, tire numbers stamping, digital stamping machine, date hot stamping machine and related field hot stamping process
Advantages: This handheld hot stamping machine adopts advanced microcomputer temperature control system, made of high quality metal material, easy to use, practical, low power consumption, and thermal effects. Applies to: IPPC logo imprinting, Logo stamping, trademark mark hot stamping, date hot stamping, cartoon images imprinting, wood leather, rubber, plastics, leather shoes, and another desktop stamping, stamping machine to suit a variety of products imprinting
Direct identification of the panel to adjust the temperature of the stalls can control at 0 to 999 degree automatically to maintain a constant temperature.
Debugging different temperatures can be applied in timber leather, paper and other industries
Temp0  -999 
Power Wire300CM
Net weight4kgs
Gross weight6kgs

MFR: KEEPLEADER™  has modifiedand designed Hand-held Tire Hot Brander_Marker to accommodate ourcustomers’ unique and special requirements, pls contact KEEPLEADER™ fortech assessment

Product Uses

u      Special notice

01:The machine has earth wire and dual fuse, please use it correctly

02:Power supply must comply with tool

03:Keep the tire brander dry, don’t use it in humidity environment

04:Must leave 0.5m space when using the tire brander

05:Cannot rebuild the tire brander, open the power box and heating couples

06:Must cut off the main power supply after using the machine

07:Please change the new heating tube once have defected heating function

08:Please contact manufacturer if need to change the heating tube

09: Cannot use the tire brander over 8 hours

10: If have any residues or detained material on numbering roller, please clean it immediately

11: Please lubricate the numbering roller to improve its longevity  

u      heating temperature reference


Temperature range









 Hand-held Tire Hot Brander_Marker need to know ♦1: alphanumeric characters wanting  ♦2: Character size

After-Sales Service

After purchasing at KEEPLEADER™ is first step of our after-service, all of machines at KEEPLEADER™ has one year guarantee, we provide free samples for defected parts to do replacement except for human damage, under information for your notice

01: KEEPLEADER™ always posts the new technical file in our homepage that can help our client in new technical information of machines’ design, character, application, operation, maintenance,

and related, KEEPLEADER™ also welcome our clients feed back the machines’ working condition that can get one to one service

02: If the machine you purchased has any defects, please contact sales representative at KEEPLEADER™, we will assign our experienced engineer analyze your case and provide technical support, in case of damaged parts that cannot repair, KEEPLEADER™ will provide a new parts to replace the defect

03: For any replacement and maintenance, KEEPLEADER™ has user manual and training video

04: KEEPLEADER™ can go to oversea for on-site training

05: KEEPLEADER™ can provide electric diagram if in need

06: Hand-held Tire Hot Brander_Marker has spare parts 1pcs heating elements for furture replacement

OEM Service

Hand-held Tire Hot Brander_Marker for Tire_Tyre Hot Branding

Hand-held Tire Hot Brander_Marker has customized branding die, if above examples are not your wanted, pls show us sample picture or your artwork for technical confirmation

Detailed Images

Hand-held Tire Hot Brander_Marker for Tire_Tyre Hot Branding

Hand-held Tire Hot Brander_Marker is custom electric hot branding machine, which can totally made to your order
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Hand-held Tire Hot Brander_Marker for Tire_Tyre Hot Branding

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