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18650 26650 battery cell spot welding machine for Cell Pack Battery Spot Welding of Cylindrical Battery Pack Ni Tab Welding

18650 26650 battery cell spot welding machine for Cell Pack Battery Spot Welding

18650 26650 battery cell spot welding machine for Cell Pack Battery Spot Welding

18650 26650 battery cell spot welding machine for Cell Pack Battery Spot Welding is used for cell pack battery assembling in its Ni Tab Spot Welding

KLM-125 can weld 0.1-0.15mm thickness of Ni Tab, keepleader also have big power for more thickness up to 1mm

Machine Description

18650 26650 battery cell spot welding machine for cell pack battery spot welding

18650 26650 battery cell spot welding machine


Communications equipment: battery combination, cell phone batteries, cell phone hardware

Electronic Components: CRT devices, sensors, resistors, fuses, semiconductor components

Appliance: metal piece to fix, heating piece

Automobile making: flashing lights, relays, filaments

Digital Products: laptop computers, digital cameras, MP3 batteries, computer memory heads and so on.

electromechanical devices: contactors, circuit breakers, motors

Metal Products: medical equipment, lamps, badge, headdress, jewelry and other aerospace, Precision metal parts, instrument, metal connectors, sensors, etc


(single) double AC pulse energy storage welding, which is reliable for welding result

CPU control, LED display, the operation is visual and be more precision

Eight user-defined welding procedures, seven of them can be locked by manager

State locking technology, which can avoid false triggering

The unit can integrated into automatic production line

Can set pedal switch to detect the welding parts before power generating

Can set prepressing time before power discharge

Radio (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI) protection

 Power box and welding section are separated, which is safer

Pneumatic and pedal control in one machine, which is more flexible

Mainly parameter

Rated power: 0.75 up 125watts/second (joule), the display screen can show the whole (maximum) energy percentage (%), the tolerance is 0.5%, the display screen is 0.1% up 0.5% in required energy

Stability of power box: changes in the nominal voltage supply of +/- 13%, the power box can keep the voltage of capacity band at set value of +/-0.25%

Display screen: the display screen adopts 240*64 high definition LCD, is visible for debugging

Capacitor control circuit: when the voltage of error amplifier is over the required value to cut off charging circuit, one resistor connects at two sides of capacitor bank, by which let the voltage of capacitor bank work at required level, the dead zone of capacitor control circuit is about 0.6% of maximum voltage

Line fault step-down: the is for safety purpose, when the power supply cut off suddenly, one resistor of voltage step-down automatic connects to release the power of capacitor bank

Ignition circuit: Ignition requires an external account is closed or low-touch control logic circuit, inside filtering device can prevent electrical interference (RFI) triggered over ignition

Power supply: 220v, AC, 50/60HZ, 1325watts rechargeable, 25wattes as spare, When 230V, 2A Cutout

Welding ignition lock: error amplifier output, when charging and discharging to prevent ignition circuit, which is helpful to prevent to ignition before capacitor charging and discharging, the welding ignition lock circuit can prevent defected welding effect

Programmable Prepressing time: combine with ignition welding head in the manual and automatic working mode without welding pressure, guarantee electrode is positioned well with welding parts before welding energy outputting, the prepressing time can be programmable (range:0.1 up 9.9 seconds) remote program selection: four monopole input: remote selection1-7 procedure; remote to prevent capacitor bank charging, when do remote program, the operation panel can be instead

Valve drive output: can control electromagnetic valve of pneumatic welding head, 24VAC, 15A output

Output pulse characteristic: at the side of power output, multiple a non-inductive load of 0.01 ohms, at both ends of it to measure pulse characteristics, to measure the rising time between zero amplitude and maximum point, to measure the pulse width at 10% amplitude point

Pulse transformer

Capacitor bank

Rising time

Pulse width

Pulse amplitude











Welding speed: how many piece can be welded per minutes average when the machine work at rated status,

Maximum energy


Repeated welding



welding Nos/minutes

2% under















Rated power


Drive Form


Welding Current

0-99 Adjust

Electrode Diameter


Input Power

AC220± 10%/50Hz

Welding Power


Electrode Travel Length


Max Welding Thickness


Overall dimension


Net weight


The KEEPLEADER will do endlessimprovement, please contact us for updated, for 18650 26650 battery cell spot welding machine for Cell Pack Battery Spot Welding, pls tell us 1: Manual or automatic 2: One side or Twoside 3: Ni Tab Thickness

Detailed Images

18650 26650 battery cell spot welding machine for Cell Pack Battery Spot Welding

18650 26650 battery cell spot welding machine for Cell Pack Battery Spot Welding varies welding mode of vertical and horizontal loading to gratify your individual production and purchasing budget

Buying Guides

18650 26650 battery cell spot welding machine for Cell Pack Battery Spot Welding at low price for high quality

Overview of DC capacitive discharged battery cell spot welding machine

The latest spot welder introduced a high-frequency resistance spot welding for high-end needs of clients this spot welder is microcomputer control and AC-DC resistance sticks, single phase or dual pulse, capacitive discharge or transform discharged spot welding; the spot welders have wide scope in application at KEEPLEADERTM, under examples for reference

01: All kind of steel lithium battery assembly

02: Aluminum lithium battery assembly, aluminum lithium-ion battery composite film of Nickel and aluminum welding

03: Nickel plate and Nickel plate connection, Nickel plate and the battery connection

04: Lithium-ion batteries and Nickel plate copper connection

05: All kinds of button batteries and Nickel plate welding

06: welding thin button cells will not have depression, yellow, black phenomenon

07: Ni-MH battery assembly

08: All the old batteries repeat the spot

09: Various hardware components of the welding

10: Foam Nickel, then precision hardware side access

Single and dual pulse versions

This spot welder has fine spot welder power sources allow you the versatility to take on welding from the large all the way into the micro-scale! KEEPLEADERTM spot welder gives good repeatability by displaying the exact energy readout of each weld, purchase a hand weld tool or weld heads to meet your welding requirements

The features of Capacitive discharged battery cell spot welding machine at KEEPLEADERTM

01: inexpensive, capacitive discharge, power source single or dual pulse versions available

02: Adjustable weld energy/power, dual pulse systems have adjustment for energy for both pulses, in addition, the dual-pulse feature can be turned off.

03: weld energy indication

04: optional pen, battery tab and manual or pneumatic plug-in weld heads

05: standard foot switch

06: microcomputer control, visible and stable output, dual-pulse welding that can do pre-welding, pre-solder oxide removal, remove debris, reducing the spark, continued welding to ensure a solid solder joint appearance, no black, spot size of the uniform burr, does not affect the appearance of the welding appearance

07: with the traditional exchange pulse, capacitive discharge spot welder, welding time is very short on the intrinsic properties of the batteries had no effect, does not affect the battery internal resistance, change does not affect the voltage and capacity, but not to cell performance impact

After completion of the weld surface of the battery is more clean, burr is small, not yellow, and not black

08: the microcomputer control precision: long-term, high-speed scanning micro welding in the input voltage, the power of a wave, the calculation of compensation data immediately change the welding energy, so that the welding does not occur due to voltage fluctuation in the fire bombing of weld or phenomenon, to ensure that each welding effect consistent, and welding sparks small, minimal impact on the battery, almost none

09: the operation set simplification: new panel design, the use of aluminum and metal buttons, durable, micro-computer of the parameters, the use of LCD liquid crystal display, keyboard adjustment, accurate intuitive ,convenient and more humane

10: Adjustable and easy to use, the new electrode design, solder pin spacing, pressure independently adjustable, for the original welding, alignment accuracy, high yielding,

11: sale low maintenance, easy maintenance, as the machine most of the use of imported components, to ensure low failure rate, and the spot welder structure design, maintenance, replacement of only one integrated circuit board, the general mechanics can be replaced

12: with automatic alarm and cut off the system, if the spot welder is damaged, will automatically display failure, and cut off the welding circuit to prevent the failure to expand, and to remind the repair

13: automatic counting, one output can be automatically counted 0-9999 facilitate the calculation of daily production

14: import solder pins: unlike ordinary welding ring used in further processing of the material to be shaped, which KEEPLEADERTM uses imported high-quality special welding products welding pins. And other three sets of import and distribution of each welding machine needle

A note about dual-pulse, capacitive discharge technology

Dual pulse spot welding is used for high quality, precision welding, there are two pulse for every actuation of the welder, the first pulse is a small fraction of the total pulse energy, it has the ability to clean the area to be welded by giving it a quick heat pulse, evaporating surface water vapor, oil, oxides and other contaminants, it also establishes a good, high conductivity area for the second, or welding pulse, the seconds pulse fuses the two pieces together, the area of the weld is very small, the piece remains cool, and the electrical conductivity and strength are high because two piece are alloyed over the spot surface, the spot welder at KEEPLEADERTM is passed SGS audited

Dual pulse, capacitive discharge spot welder is particularly good for welding batteries, wires, jewelry, steel, stainless steel, chromium and other passivity surface, so far, most of spot welder at KEEPLEADERTM is applied in field of battery spot welding  

Capacitive welding has the advantage of quick an stable energy release, and manageable energy input, this means that welds occur fast enough that spots are small and have very small heat effected zones, KEEPLEAERTM adopts made-in-Japan capacitors that has better performance and life-span  

The welder can be operated on standard household voltage and powers

Battery pack/cell manufacturer/builder require spot welders for tab welding and battery pack assembly, this small battery terminal welder is ideal for battery packs and tabs and contacting sheets

Dual pulse battery cell spot welding machine of KEEPLEADERTM

01: Dual pulse operation removes surface inconsistencies

02: Dual pulse operation removes surface inconsistencies and contaminants

03: Adjustable pulse width, much more finesse that transformer based welders

04: Available 125, 250, 500 and 875 Joule (125, 250, 500 and 875w a second)

05: Adjustable from 1% to 100% energy discharge

06: Up to 600 welds/min

07: Simple, user-friendly interface, potable size

08: Perfect for battery pack assembly

09: Hi Visibility display shows weld parameters

This dual pulse, capacitive discharge spot welders are easy to use as well as powerful, CD (capacitive discharge) spot welder is a version of resistance fusion welding that offers high peak currents with extremely fast pulse rise times and short durations (on the order of 10’s of microseconds), the short pulse lengths and high current allows the welding of high conductive materials, including copper, and brass, welding current and pulse widths may be adjustable to weld more resistive materials such as steel, and Nickel, capacitive discharge welding produces repeatable welds, independent of local line voltage variations and is capable of extremely fine energy adjustment, the dual pulse weld setting helps eliminate surface inconsistencies, contamination and allows adjustment of the initial contact of the welding electrodes to produce repeatable effects

KEEPLEADERTM can make modification on our current design to satisfy special requirements in diversity, welcome to filed inspection

Technical Illustration

18650 26650 battery cell spot welding machine for Cell Pack Battery Spot Welding  

18650 26650 battery cell spot welding machine for Cell Pack Battery Spot Welding

18650 26650 battery cell spot welding machine for Cell Pack Battery Spot Welding has two poles welding head and 4 poles welding head optional 

Machine Uses

18650 26650 battery cell spot welding machine

 18650 26650 battery cell spot welding machine for Cell Pack Battery Spot Welding has power 125w, 250w, 500w and 750w optional for various welding thickness

The maximum Ni Tab can be 1mm

After-Sale Service

After purchasing at KEEPLEADERTM is first step of our after-service, all of machines at KEEPLEADERTM has one year guarantee, we provide free samples for defected parts to do replacement except for human damage, under information for your notice

01: KEEPLEADERTM always posts the new technical file in our homepage that can help our client in new technical information of machines’ design, character, application, operation, maintenance, and related, KEEPLEADERTM also welcome our clients feed back the machines’ working condition that can get one to one service

02: If the machine you purchased has any defects, please contact sales representative at KEEPLEADERTM, we will assign our experienced engineer analyze your case and provide technical support, in case of damaged parts that cannot repair, KEEPLEADERTM will provide a new parts to replace the defect

03: For any replacement and maintenance, KEEPLEADERTM has user manual and training video

04: KEEPLEADERTM can go to oversea for on-site training

05: 18650 26650 battery cell spot welding machine for Cell Pack Battery Spot Welding has one year warranty, during guarantee period, KEEPLEADER Provide spare parts for replacement, and Technical support life-long

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18650 26650 battery cell spot welding machine for Cell Pack Battery Spot Welding

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