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PP LED Bulbs Plastic Welding Machine for Plastic Ball_Tube_Cup LED Lamp Cover Thermofusion Spin Welding of Plastic Spin Welding

PP LED Bulbs Plastic Welding Machine of spin welding

PP LED Bulbs Plastic Welding Machine of spin welding

The PP LED Bulbs Plastic Welding Machine of spin welding is according to the product size and use material, the machine specification canbe modified

Machine Description

01: Parameter





Power supply

220v/60hz or 380w/50hz*3P

Working pressure


Welding Area

Diameter: 100mm

Motor speed

Max 1500 RPM

Rotation Circle

30 adjustable



Delay time

0~100 seconds adjustable

Hold time

0~100 seconds adjustable

Net weigh


Overall Dimension


02: Application

Spin welding plastic products together such as floater, paint tank, spherical toy, PP thermos cup, oil filter (for motor bike), water filter, spray connector, thermos bottle interior and etc

Material consideration: Material suitable for spin welding are generally the same as those that can be joined by other friction welding processes, such as vibration welding, semi crystalline thermoplastic are more readily joined using spin welding that ultrasonic, using compatible polymers spin welding is capable of making reliable hermetic seals, joining of dissimilar polymers is possible using the spin weld process, although it generally produces lower strength weld joints, by designing the weld joint with an under cut, the polymer with the lower melting temperature will flow into the undercut, creating a mechanical union, material filler and surface contaminants (e.g. mold release agent) are two factors that will affect consistency and weld repeatability, spin welding is more tolerant of contaminants that ultrasonic welding, spin welding is also less affected by hygroscopic polymers, although they may still require special handing from critical application

Joint design consideration: Part joint must be circular (other part geometry may be non-circular), joint type should be selected to meet welded assembly requirements, joint design should allow for adequate collapse / melting distance, the part to be mounted in the spinning tool on the machine should have driving features so that torque can be transmitted from the tool to the part

Control parameters: Linear speed at the weld joint (based on spin RPM), press (axial) speed, weld depth, hold depth and hold time, the setting for these depends on parts size, material joint design

03: Spin welding machine step

STEP1: The two thermoplastic parts to be welded are loaded into the machine, typically one into the spin tool and the other into a stationary supportive nest call a fixture

STEP2: After a circle is initiated, the spin tool descends toward the fixture while simultaneously accelerating to the programmed weld spin speed (RPM).

STEP3: After the parts come into contact with each other, the tool continues to spin at a constant speed (RPM) while the press forces the parts together, causing the interface to melt, the spinning stops once the programmed condition for ending the weld is met, such as reaching the programmed part collapse distance.

STEP4 Once spinning stops, the hold phase follows, typically consisting of dynamic hold and static hold. During dynamic hold, the press is advanced to further collapse the parts while the plastic material is still molten. During static hold, the press position is maintained while the material cools and solidifies.

STEP5: The spin tool retracts. The two plastic parts are now joined as if molded together and are removed from the machine as one assembly.

04: High Lighting of Spin Welding

Ability weld parts with circular joint that are not easily welded by ultrasonic

Relatively fast circle times compared with other methods

Compatible with most thermoplastics

Ideal for welding of PP, PE, Nylon round articles

Ability to weld several dissimilar materials

No consumables. Fumes remissions

High strength, hermetic welds are typical

Heat confined to weld interface

Easily automated

Low lost, quick change tooling

Low maintenance

Low power consumption

OEM Tooling

PP LED Bulbs Plastic Welding Machine of spin welding

The special fixed position of PP LED Bulbs Plastic Welding Machine of spin welding can be designed according to different productrequirements

Machine Uses

PP LED Bulbs Plastic Welding Machine of spin welding

The PP LED Bulbs Plastic Welding Machine of spin welding machine may be applied infloater, paint tank, spherical toy, PP thermos cup, oil filter (for motor bike),spray connector, Thermos bottle interior...etc.

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