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Sunscreen roller blinds cutting machine of Roller blinds ultrasonic cut machine for Fabric Cloth Straight Cutting Machine

Sunscreen roller blinds cutting machine

Sunscreen roller blinds cutting machine

Machine Description

01: Parameter


Roller blinds ultrasonic cut machine

Sunscreen roller blinds cutting machine

Cutting width

4 metes maximum

Cutting material

Fabric, zebra blinds, soft sheer fabrics and coated fabrics

Power supply

110v,60hz or 220v, 50hz single phase





Packing size


02: Application

Window Shade Roller, fabric cutting machineis also called roller blind cutting table, is widely used for sunscreen fabriccloth, Net cloth cutting, mechanical blade cutting or ultrasonic cutting knifeare both available

03: Character

Mechanical blade cutting knife orultrasonic cutting knives both are available

Maximum cutting width can reach 4 meters

 Using pressure linear guide rail,using infrared protection device, safe operation

Manually pullingfabrics
Accessories: one blade on machine, another blade in tool box, a set of tools

MFR:KEEPLEADER™ has modified and designed Sunscreen roller blinds cutting machine for our customers’ unique andspecial requirements, please contact KEEPLEADER™ for updated details

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