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Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer for Cable/Wire Coding/Marking_Printing Identification of Cable ID Printer

Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer

Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer

Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer is being able to identify and track wire throughout the manufacturing process and warranty period: ♦1: Easier date collection ♦2: elimination of data transcription errors ♦3: improved efficiency 

Machine Description

Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp WirePrinter

01: Parameter



Power Supply

100~240v, 50/60hz

Compressed air

5~8 bar,  consumption: Approx: 0.5L/cycle

Stamping Temperature

50~200 degree, continuously adjustable

Character surface

R1~R14, can be customized

Characters wheels

7~40 character wheels/disks

Character of Each wheel

A to Z, 0 ~ 9, +, -, / space

Stamping foil

Width: 80mm for 25 disks of character size: 1.8*1.8mm






Plywood case

02: Application

Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer is an electro pneumatic thermal stamping device, used for imprinting cables, wires and flat stock, the hot stamping process employed by this device produces high quality, abrasive resistant marking, the material to be imprinted is pressed against a pigmented foil and heated stamping type faces, all stamping parameters such as pressure, dwell and temperature are freely selectable in adaptation to the application concerned, a foot pedal actuation allows you to hold cable with both hands, this Wire Marking Machine Hot StampWire Printer does not have feed rolls to drive the wire, wire is pulled through the machine manually or by an automatic wire stripping equipped with marker controls, it may be used with automatic wire stripper equipped with marker controls for either end-marking or continuous marking at set intervals

03: Character

Stamping foils are incartridges for easy exchange

Can connect to all common types ofautomatic wire process machines

Available in conjunction with wire stripping, wire feeding and spooling device

Solid state dwell timer for better repeatability

Less operator fatigue than a level operated machine

Quick changeover between sleeve and wire

Capable of using engraved logo dies for customizing sleeve

The number of printing characters and types of faces can be selected as required.

 Electric heated wire marker for hot stamping cable and wire insulation, heat shrink sleeve and plastic tube

Detailed Images

Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer

Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer has customized ♦1: Characters wheel ♦2: Character size ♦3: Meter Device for auto Feeding

Machine Uses

Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer

Wire Marking Machine Hot Stamp Wire Printer is used for Coding/Marking/imprinting Cable/Wire Insulation,even for Teflon Sleeve

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