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Ultrasonic Bath Test Sieve Ultrasonic Cleaners of Sieve Shaker Ultrasonic Bath

Ultrasonic Bath Test Sieve Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic Bath Test Sieve Ultrasonic Cleaners 

Ultrasonic Bath Test Sieve Ultrasonic Cleaners has ♦1: customized fluid bath ♦2: Timer ♦3: Temp control ♦4: Sieve holder ♦5: Tank Cover

Machine Description

Ultrasonic Bath Test Sieve Ultrasonic Cleaners

01: Parameter




Cleaning, dispersion, degassing

Oscillation Fluid bath  


Ultrasonic Peak power


Allowable surrounding temp

5~40 degree

Allowable relative humidity up 31


Electrical supply data

220v~380v, 50/60hz*3P

Ultrasonic frequency

28khz or 40khz

HF continuous maximum output

28hz or 40khz, 36pcs*50w

Heating power


Batch Size/feed quantity

Diameter:500mm of 5pcs


Ball valve G 1/2

Time setting

0~15 minutes

Gross Weight


02: Application

Ultrasonic Bath Test Sieve Ultrasonic Cleaners are ideal for a rapid and safe cleaning of laboratory test sieves, this is the best cleaning solution for fine mesh, the Ultrasonic Bath Test Sieve Ultrasonic Cleaners produce ultrasonic vibration in a cleaning fluid bath, which causes the contaminationto become dislodged from the test sieve, ultrasonic energy waves agitate andfree lodged particles, most sieve cloth, including fragile precision electroformed mesh, can be cleaned completely in one to five minutes

03: Character

Fluid bath and outside door made ofstainless steel 304

Automatic timer: 1~15 minutes and continuous operation possible

Fitted with sieve support as standard

Compact design, the ultrasonic generator mounted in the bottom cabinet

Four Caster for easy remove, operationpanel for visible operation

Low maintenance, Easy handling, flexibly usable

Built-in Drainage valve for easy emptying

Intensive dispersion of suspensions and degassing

Perfect ultrasonic cleaning of sensitive components

Even dissolves stubborn soiling of inaccessible areas

Acceleration of chemical reactions

Emulsification of oily and aqueous phases

Sweep mode for homogenous cleaning action

Extended utility for other laboratory cleaning requirements

04: Advantages

Contamination free, reliable results: testsieves are highly accurate equipment and require careful cleaning on an ongoing bases, clean sieves are necessary for reliable results, ultrasonic test sieve cleaners eliminate contamination through ultrasonic vibrations in a cleaningfluid bath ensuing reliable, quality results

High quality and accurate results: this ultrasonic test sieve cleaners by keepleader is compact, portable and high quality, it has a stainless steel oscillation tank and built in timer foraccuracy

05: Buying guides

Simply brush sieve before inserting

Before any cleaning operation remove asmany particles at your can without damaging the screens, place them in the meshbasket or sieve holder

Add the cleaning solution to the tank fillline

Activate the cleaner degas mode to thoroughly mix the solution and drive off cavitations-inhibiting trapped air, do this eachtime you prepare fresh cleaning solution

Set the timer to the desired cleaning period from 1 to 30 minutes or continuous

Lower the sieves into the cleaner, at the end of cycle remove and inspect, if needed repeat the process, with experience you will be able to develop your routine

Rinse the sieve screens to remove cleaning solution residues and allow them to dry

Machine Uses

Ultrasonic BathTest Sieve Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic Bath Test Sieve Ultrasonic Cleaners can clean test sieves and other labotary parts

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