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Transistor Battery Pack Spot Welder for 18650 Battery Pack Automatic Spot Welder of Single side Transistor Battery Spot Welder

Transistor Battery Pack Spot Welder for 18650 Battery Pack

Transistor Battery Pack Spot Welder for 18650 Battery Pack

Transistor Battery Pack Spot Welder for 18650 Battery Pack is ♦1: computerized ♦2: Transisitor Spot Welding ♦3: Automatic X, Y  Feeding 

Machine Description

01: Parameter


Automatic CNC Battery Spot Welding Machine



X-axis travel


Y-axis travel


Spot welding speed

0.5s / point; 1600pcs / h

Maximum speed of motor drive


batteries loaded

300pcs (standard 18650 lithium battery)



Operating system



Stepper + imported precision linear guide (optional servo + screw)

Power supply

Single-phase  220V ± 10% / 50Hz ± 10%



Air supply

0.3 ~ 0.4Mpa





02: Application

Automatic battery pack spot welder is professional welding machine to make battery pack using 18650, 26650 battery cell in automatic loading and unloading, it can weld both sides together at high speed,

03: Features

Automatic Monitoring and welding of one side process

Support Soft start, automatic start and manual start model conversation

It has a false spot welding and out of spot welding alarm function

Groups can be saved programming files

Welding needle replacement forecast reminder

Own welding current monitoring system, real-time monitoring of welding current

 Precision Transistor Power generator

Two poles or 4 poles made as requested

.Auto-checking and alarming of miss welding, false welding weak welding, and over welding

.Built-in PLC, which is visual and touch screen in programming

Automatic alignment and correction

Alarming system can remind working status of auto parts, welding, current, position and etc

Adopting Panasonic Servo system

TBI wire rod and THK Guide (or same grade)

SMC cylinder, solenoid valve and filter

OMRON and Panasonic sensor

National standard Aluminum 5015 and 3061 components

Machine Uses

Transistor Battery Pack Spot Welder for 18650 Battery Pack

Transistor Battery Pack Spot Welder for 18650 Battery Pack has 2 or 4 welding points, welding thickness is 0.2mm or 0.3mm

After-sales Service

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06:Transistor Battery Pack Spot Welder for 18650 Battery Pack has user manual and train video

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