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PVC PU TPU Welding High Frequency Welding Machine of Shuttle Tray High Frequency PVC Welding for PVC_PU_TPU HF Embossing_Molding

PVC PU TPU Welding High Frequency Welding Machine

PVC PU TPU Welding High Frequency Welding Machine

PVC PU TPU Welding High Frequency Welding Machine has ♦1:Power:5kw~25kw ♦2: Auto Shuttle Tray ♦3: Customized Toolings ♦4 Pressure Made as requested

Machine Description

01: Application

This PVC PU TPU Welding High Frequency Welding Machine is also called medium fusion high frequency welding is relying on some property of the plastic, heating plastic products in a rapid alternating high frequency electric field, has double shuttle trays for cutting, welding or embossing, is used for Blister packing, footwear, trademark labels, stickers welding, embossing and sealing, Foldable box soft crease forming, Medical bag welding and cutting and other welding and cutting in shaped of thermoplastic film, sheets or other membrane structure,  PVC and PU is the most common thermoplastic material, also apply other application such as polymers including Nylon, EVA, PEVA, PET, PETG, APET and some ABS resin, Nylon and PET require using electric equipment together with warm-frequency welding to enable processing

02: Parameter


PVC PU TPU Welding High Frequency Welding Machine





HF Power




Top electrode




Bottom electrode




Overall Size




HF frequency


Power source

AC 220V/380V/415V*3P 50/60HZ

Oscillation Tube





Silicon rectifier

Arc Control

Relay auto control, NL-5557

Operation System

Single headed auto double shuttle tray

Press type


Maximum pressure

20 tons

03: Characters

Stable Frequency: Oscillation frequency 27.12/13.56MHZ with cycle stabilizer and a device for suppression of leakage of magnetic flux, minimum interferes with the outside equipment

Arc suppressor: with high sensitivity spark suppression circuits, accurate detection of the imbalance current. Can instantly cut off the supply of the oscillation loop to restrain the parks to protect the mold, raw materials, alarm light is also quick alert the sparks occurs

Strong out-put electromagnetic: using aluminum material with good quality and low-loss coaxial resonator, more stable output high frequency

Advanced configuration: European standard Vibration barrel, Automatic thermostat, low voltage operation panel, quick interchangeable anodized Mold and tooling, welding electrode is screw fixed, stroke distance and horizontal of electrode are adjustable
Reasonable Design: double shuttle trays at two sides for cutting, welding or embossing, this design ensure the safety for operators
Optional Features: Depending on the particular application, this PVC PU TPU Welding High Frequency Welding Machine can be fitted with a single, double or stepped shuttle tray

04: Advantages of High frequency welding technology

HF sealing occurs from the inside out by using the material itself as a heat source, the heat is focused at the weld target so that the surrounding material does not have to be super-heated to arrive at a target temperature at the joint

With HF heat is generated only when the field is energized, once the generator cycles, the heat is turned off, this allows for greater control over the amount of energy that the material sees over the entire cycle in addition, HF-generated heat does not radiate off the die like on a heated die, this prevents heat-degradation of the material

HF Tooling is usually run cold, this means that once the HF is turned off, the both material stops being heated, but remains under pressure, in this fashion its is possible to both instantly heat, weld and cool the material under compression, more control over the weld results in more control over the resulting extrusion, thus increasing the welding strength

RF/HF welds are “clean” because the only material needed to produce an HF weld is the material itself, there are not adhesives or by-products involves in HF welding

Product Uses

 PVC PU TPU Welding High Frequency Welding Machine

The most important factors influence PVC PU TPU Welding High Frequency Welding Machine: #1: electrical power #2: pressure applied #3: welding time #4: cooling time, Finding the optimal process parameters will depends on your specific equipment, the materials involve and the specific geometries including thickness and area to be welded, achieving optimal results is often an experimental process guided by experience, as a guiding rule, the thicker material and focus on short welding times you need, the stronger electrical power you need


PVC PU TPU Welding High Frequency Welding Machine

PVC PU TPU Welding High Frequency Welding Machine has an interchangeable electrode, or die, machined in the shape of the part to be welded, is used to apply power to the workpiece
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