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Cardboard cake box bottom forming machine of paper cake box base forming machine

Cardboard cake box bottom forming machine

Cardboard cake box bottom forming machine

"Cardboard cake box bottom forming machine" is used to form/made paper birthday cake box in its base/bottom/tray, both round and square shaped bottom/base/tray are acceptable

Product Description

01: Parameter





Power supply

220v/380v*3P, 50hz/60hz

Forming height


Paper gram


Driven mode


Air pressure



15 tons

Size of forming

Square shaped: 46cm, Round shaped: 52cm

Forming speed


Protection system

Grating protection+ start with two hands

Operation mode

HMI touch screen

Forming type

Square and round paper box bottom/base

Overall dimension



Coated paper, gold paper, sliver cardboard, white cardboard

Grease proof paper, PE coated paper

Net weight


Packaging volume


02: Application

Cardboard cake box bottom forming machine can be sued for paper cardboard birthday cake box base forming, the shape can be round or square, maximum forming diameter is 52cm, and maximum forming height is 4cm, pneumatic driven

03: Highlighting

Wide application: applied for paper box bottom forming, the material can be coated paper, gold paper, silver cardboard, white cardboard, greaseproof paper, PE coated paper box

The bottom tools equipped with heating plate to form shape under top tools pressure

The machine can produce 6~20 inch round chase box bottom base or square cake box bottom base

The machine can improve efficiency and reduce labor

Digital operation panel, the setting is readable and visual

Forming pressure and stroke depth is adjustable

Forming, tighter and cutting in one circle

Tooling and mold support quick mounting and changing

Sturdy framework, the life-span can be over 15 years

Cold forming and cutting save the consumption and reduce the fire risk

Pressure and forming size are adjustable to produce various paper boxes

04: Production flow

Paper cardboard gluing →Pre heating →Drying →Paper cardboard base forming →Holding →Cutting Edge→ Finished product

Detailed Images

Cardboard cake box bottom forming machine

KEEPLEADER has stocked "Cardboard cake box bottom forming machine", welcome to vist our displayed samples

Product Uses

Cardboard cake box bottom forming machine

Produced samles of "Cardboard cake box bottom forming machine" And produced samples of "Paper cake box edge curling machine"



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Cardboard cake box bottom forming machine

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