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Automatic Clear Cylinder Box Making machine for Transparent Plastic Cylindrical box Making of PVC_PET Clear Cylinder Box Forming

Automatic Clear Cylinder Box Making machine

Automatic Clear Cylinder Box Making machine

Automatic Clear Cylinder Box Making machine applied for Automaic process #1: Cylinder Box Forming #2: Two End Edges Curling of Plastic Cylindrical Box

Machine Description

01: Application

Automatic clear cylinder box making machine mainly applied for automatic processing transparent plastic cylindrical box made of PVC/PET/PP in its tube seam sealing and edge curling, automatic cylinder box forming is rolling material in adjustable length feeding, cut sect by sect in scaled length, and robotic manipulator transmit the formed tube into the automatic edge curling position, this automatic clear cylinder box making machine can combine with keepleader’s bottom sealing machine to complete the whole production line, any sealing procedure is optional for ultrasonic welding, or cement gluing

02: Parameter


Automatic Clear Cylinder Box Making machine











Film thickness



6pcs/Second (double end edge curling in a circle)



Air pressure

0.5~0.7 MPa

Power Supply:

Three-phase, 5 wires 380v/50hz or 220v/60hz/50hz

03: Character

PLC interface operation system servo motor drives, fast and accurate cylinder edge curling effect

Cylinder body automatic feeding, crimping/curling in various length and diameter

Automatic cylinder seam sealing, two end edges crimping/curling in a circle

Robotic manipulator automatic transmission in combined processing position

Full closed visual studio to avoid secondary contamination
Different Length: 80~300mm, Diameter: 40~300mm, material thickness: 0.25~0.5mm are ok

Ultrasonic sealing or cement gluing is changeable, marvelous performance without scratching

Can equipped with automatic eyelet punching device to amount cylinder hanging ring

1 with 3 in a circle of automatic tube edge curling, and auto transmission

Quick interchangeable tooling is professional designed for various sizes

04: Industrial Fields applied

PVC cylinder packaging, PP Cylinder box Packaging, APET Cylinder box packaging, PETG cylinder box packing, plastic cylinder box packaging, paper cylinder packaging, paper tube cylinder packaging, clear cylinder box, transparent plastic cylinder box packaging, making ideal cylinders for packaging candy, gift, toy, stationery, umbrellas, packing gear, badminton, snack food and other products in packaging and advertising purpose

P.s: Automatic Clear Cylinder Box Making machine has updated amendment to improve performance, please confirm your considered importance

Product Uses

Automatic Clear Cylinder Box Making machine

Automatic Clear Cylinder Box Making machine has optional #1: Length #2: Diameter in various cylindrial box making

Detailed Images

Automatic Clear Cylinder Box Making machine

Automatic Clear Cylinder Box Making machine can combine with #1: Cylinder Lid Forming #2: Cylinder bottom sealing for whole production line

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Automatic Clear Cylinder Box Making machine has #1: customized Function #2: Optional Features #3: Aimed configuration #3: Changeable combined Device

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