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Ultrasonic Solvent Cleaning Machine of Vapor Degreasing for Ultrasonic Solvent Steam Cleaning With Auto Lift_Vapor Condensation

Ultrasonic Solvent Cleaning Machine of Vapor Degreasing

Ultrasonic Solvent Cleaning Machine of Vapor Degreasing

Ultrasonic Solvent Cleaning Machine of Vapor Degreasing Featured of #1: Ultrasonic agitation #2: Vapor Cleaning #3: Condensation Drying #4: Automatic Lifting

Machine Description

Ultrasonic Solvent Cleaning Machine of Vapor degreasing

01: Equipment introduction

KLE-1006AR Ultrasonic Solvent Cleaning Machine of Vapor Degreasing is single tank (or separated into dual chambers) ultrasonic agitation vapor cleaning with automatic lifting system, using today’s most advanced ultrasonic technology of high “Q” transducer and world famous brand electronics, reasonable design, reliable and high efficient performance, have character of quick drying after solvent cleaning, coupled with suitable cleaning basket driven by auto lifting elevator, can achieve the optimal cleaning effect and convenient operation, Ultrasonic Solvent Cleaning Machine is widely used in cleaning of precision metal parts, electronic parts, optical glass and etc  solid industrial components in removing oil, grease, wax, flux and other various contamination

Ultrasonic Solvent Cleaning Machine of Vapor Degreasing is consisted by ultrasonic generators (power box), transducers, condenser system, liquid level controlling device, auto lifting system and etc, ultrasonic generator produce electromagnetic signal, generate over 20khz ultrasonic electric signal and transfer to ultrasonic vibrators, ultrasonic vibrators convert the electromagnetic signal to mechanical vibrating, that’s to say an energy into another energy, the cleaning tank is loaded cleaning Solvent and cleaning parts, the refrigeration system produce cold air into condenser tube mounted at the top of cleaning tank to prevent the Solvent vitalization, and Solvent vapor is freeze by powered condenser tube, in this area, the Solvent vapor is transferred into liquid in recovering, in addition, the cleaning parts are quickly dried in cooling environment, the auto lifting system transmit the cleaning parts in ultrasonic chamber, vapor chamber, Condensing zone, load and unloading window, the the whole process is completed in a closed space, which is effective avoid solvent vapor leakage  

02: Cleaning parts: precision metal parts, electronic parts, optical glass, PCB, and etc

03: Cleaning Solvent: trichloroethylene, trichloroethane and other non-flammable organic solvents

04: Cleaning process: Manual loading→ultrasonic cleaning→Vapor cleaning→freeze dry→Manual unloading

05: Machine parameter

051:ultrasonic cleaning chamber (low half)

Tank structure

Inside size



SUS316 Stainless steel, thickness: 2.0mm t, vibrating side is 2.5mm, and chrome plated


Have 1"drainage, slag hole 

Ultrasonic system


The vibrators mounted at the bottom

6pcs vibrators, have total power 300w, its frequency 28khz.

Adopted Japan “NTK “ vibrators, and advanced bounding technology

Ultrasonic generator

External power box, frequency auto-sweep, digital display, the power intensity is optional, adopt 1GBT big powered power board to impel the strong output and stable performance 

Heating system

Heating board

2kw heating

Temp control

Automatic temperature controlling system

052: Vapor cleaning Chamber (top half)

0521: top vapor cleaning chamber

Tank structure

Inside size



SUS316 stainless steel,thickness: 2.0mm.

0522: Air-conditioning system


Solvent chamber top equipped with condensing tube, made of stainless steel 316, thickness 2.0mm, the top cooling is powered by air-conditioning unit, the tank lower 2-3/4 is cooled by external water

Air-conditioning unit

Air compressor, power: 1.5HP.

0523.Water separator

Circular route

The upping vapor is held down by condensing tube and coagulate to form liquid into the water separator, the dirty is drained out directly, and cleaned liquid or recovered Solvent and water into the tank

0524.Electric system


The power box mounted at the top side of machine, consisted by relay, circuit board, AC contact and overload protector and operation panel.


The electronics are make in Japan, USA, German

0525.Spare parts


Cleaning basket

1ps, made of stainless steel of solvent chamber compatible

Auto lifting

250~500w gear motor+ stainless steel lifting frame

Support frame

1ps, made of stainless steel

06: machine overall parameter

Overall size


Main power


Power supply

110v/220v/380VAC,50Hz/60hz in option, 3 phase, 5pcs wires

Graphic Illustration

Ultrasonic Solvent Cleaning Machine of Vapor Degreasing

Ultrasonic Solvent Cleaning Machine of Vapor Degreasing has customzied #1: Size #4: Configuration, please advise us your proposals for any detailed amendments in improvement for your practical cleaning application

Detailed Images

Ultrasonic Solvent Cleaning Machine of Vapor Degreasing

Ultrasonic Solvent Cleaning Machine of Vapor Degreasing is automatic single tank of Ultrasonic cleaning+Vapor cleaning+auto transmission basing on manual loading and unloading

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