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Golf Club Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaners Machine for Grip_Groove_Ball Ultrasonic Tank Sonic Soak Bath Immersible Washing Equipment

Golf Club Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaners Machine

Golf Club Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaners Machine

Golf Club Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaners Machine adopts ultrasonic vibration scrubbing force to remove the grime of golf club head, grip, groove and balls, ultrasonic technology has been used for over forty years to clean medical electronic and other high precision equipment, now, the construction builds in token system for self-service in golf club cleaning, ultrasonic produce millions of tiny bubbles in a solution that implode when coming into contact any surface, this quickly and safely removes any surface contamination, ultrasonic technology works wonders when cleaning golf clubs as the solution reaches all parts of the club head and grips far quicker and more effectively that any cleaning method,Golf Club Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaners Machine will clean you club heads and grips in a solution that has not moving parts, ultrasonic cleaning preserves the life of your golf clubs, golfers with clean club heads and grips play better golf, this innovative and highly reliable machine has been used over the years by thousands and thousands of satisfied golfers 

Product description

Golf Club Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaners Machine

Mainly parameter



Ultrasonic power


Heating power


General power

4kw, 220-240v. 50hz/60hz single phase-10A

The frequency of transducer

28khz or 40khz

The size of inner cleaning tank


The size of detected box


The size of table board


The size of outside board


The size of bottom board


The size of stander


Token system


Upper bracket


Overall dimension

L:1370*W:550*H: 1510mm


Inner cleaning tank

SUS304/2BT2.0, U shape, has two separated parts, tower above from the middle

detected box



Base bonded


Digital, frequency self-locking mode

Heating box


Level detected and control


table board


Outside board

Steel A3, painting T2.0

Bottom board

Steel A3, painting T2.0


Steel A2, 25*25 square tube

Token system


Upper bracket


Digital displayer of temperature controller




Emergency SW


Ultrasonic timer

Stage 1, AH5R

Other electronic

Schneider, CHNT, Omron

Washing cradle

SUS304 1/4 Round bar

Ball valve


Operation mode

1: stop mode

2: preparing mode

3: running mode (has two subsidiaries)

3.1: running mode-tokens accepted

3.2: running mode-ultrasonic cleaning

4: safe mode

MFR: KEEPLEADERTM has modified and designed Golf Club Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaners Machine to accommodate our customers’ unique and special requirements, pls contact KEEPLEADERTM  for tech assessment 

Detailed iamges

Golf Club Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaners Machine

Golf Club Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaners Machine takes salient advantages of #1: Token-operated vending machine for self-service, #2: Fast heating to reach requested temperature, #3:Better collection of tokens inside the machine, #4:Built-in separately exciting generator, #5: 304 non-magnetic stainless steel tank, #6:Built-in thermostatically controlled heater,#7: Built-in counter,timer and alarming buzzer of counting down,#8: Sealed tank lid with magnetic rod,#8: Independent cabinet of ultrasonic generator

Product Uses

Golf Club Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaners Machine

Golf Club Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaners Machine tank contains water and a gentle ultrasonic enhancing solution, it transmit sound waves through the tank causing minute bubbles to form on the surface of clubs or grips while ultrasonic work, the bubbles then grow until they lose surface tension and implode, when the bubbles bust they create a microscopic force in the water an this pulls the dirt away from the golf club and grips, particularly penetrate into the groove of golf club head and restore the grip

Buying guides

Golf Club Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaners Machine is not like most other ultrasonic machines you man see available, KEEPLEADER™ systems are manufactured in China, and are designed specifically to do the job at hand, as well as clean golf clubs, efficiency, safely and effectively, the equipment is also designed for mobile use, so how do ultrasonic work and why is so effective?

What is ultrasonic cleaning?

Ultrasonic or sound waves through water, create a process termed “ cavitations” this is the rapid formation and implosion of millions of tiny bubbles ( or cavities) in a liquid, cavitations is produced by the alternating high  and low pressure waves generated by high frequency ultrasonic sound, during the low pressure phase, these bubbles grow from microscopic size until, during the high pressure phase where they are compressed and implode, KEEPLEADER™ system produces 60,000 waves of sound every second, because of the inherently small size of bubble/implosion and the relatively large energy, ultrasonic cleaning has the ability to reach into small crevices and removed soil very effectively

So basically it is not just about cleaning the mud off from that last duff shot, it gives your clubs a deep clean, so you can use the technology of the club as designed

Ultrasonic is used widely throughout industry for removing problem contamination from all kinds of hard surfaces, its unique properties can be harnessed to clean items of all shapes, sizes and technical complexity, penetrating holes and cavities that are impossible to reach using ordinary cleaning methods

There are many considerations important to ultrasonic cleaning and optimizing there variables will produce the best cleaning, the most important decisions to be make are choosing the proper cleaning solution, cleaning at the right temperature for the correct amount of time, and choosing the right size and type of ultrasonic cleaner

KEEPLEADER™ golf club ultrasonic cleaner are set for optimum cleaning of golf clubs, not Jeweler, engine parts or hospital beds, the temperature is pre-set in the system so as not to overheat the non metallic components of the golf club, the volume of the tanks are specifically calculated to maximum the effectiveness of the 12 transducers (that produce sound waves) so that we clean the clubs in the time scale we advertise

KEEPLEADER™ Franchiseespolicy will arrange raining to use the right amount of cleaning solutions, specific to the water composition (soft/hard)of their individual areas, the water is also degassed (so that excess air is driven from the liquid) 24 hours before using, again to maximize the performance

Packaging and shipment

Golf Club Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaners Machine

Golf Club Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaners Machine can quickly and effortlessly remove dirt from golf clubs, both golf club heads and rubber grips, clean golf club heads enable you to get better spin on the ball, so that you can shoot farther and more accurately, cleaning grips will give you better control of club as well to help you play you best game, this Golf Club Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaners Machine saves your the work of scrubbing your clubs clean, while restoring the clubs so they look brand new

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Golf Club Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaners Machine plays a reliable performance in golf club cleaning with ultrasonic vibration scrubbing force, because of its salient advantages of save time, cost,elbow force and accurately penetrate into the inaccessible area by hands cleaning, its cleaning effect is definitely proved by thousands of golfers, it is a trendy in golf course cleaning, keepleader devotes to innovation of bespoke ultrasonic golf club cleaning machine basing on practical demands, such as token operated for self-service, built-in casters with brake for convenient removing, counter, timer, thermostat controller, sealing cover with magnetic rod, separated computerized ultrasonic system and alarming buzzer, we also accept more configuration or further modification to satisfy favors from our clients, if you have other concerns, don’t hesitate to consult with us for tech verification, believe that our tech teams can works out a customers orientated solution for your final validation prior to production 

Golf Club Cleaning Ultrasonic Cleaners Machine