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Portable Electric Iron Tyre Brander Machine for Tire DOT Date ID Hot Branding of Handheld Tyre Hot Branding_Coding_Mark Machine

Portable Electric Iron Tyre Brander Machine

Portable Electric Iron Tyre Brander Machine

Portable Electric Iron Tyre Brander Machine is #1: Electric Heat #2: Hand-held #4 Tyre/Tire DOT Date Branding Iron with #5: Changeover Branding Dies Basing on #6:Custom Dimension and Read

Machine Description

01: Application

Portable Electric Iron Tyre Brander Machine is quick, easy way to brand tires with interchangeable DOT date that will suit your purpose, heating block has T-Slot to insert the custom branding dies that has duplicated size and read with your old version,Portable Electric Iron Tyre Brander Machine not only can brand Tire DOT date but also can brand your logo, identifying code, or combined characters with customized dimension

02: Parameter


Portable Electric Iron Tyre Brander Machine



Heating Power


Power Supply

110VAC,60HZ or 220VAC, 50HZ

T-Slot Depth


T-Slot Width


T-Slot Length



Heating Block

Machine steel chrome plated

Branding Die


Heating Tube

Stainless steel

Power Box

Aviation Aluminum insulated coat

Top Handle

Aviation Aluminum rubber coat


Back Handle

Solid plastic  

Heating Temperature

0~500 degree

Heating time

15~20 minutes depends on size, material and ambient

Cooling time

20~30 minutes



Gross Weight


Packaging Size



Digital Heating elements

Dual fuse power circuit design

Rugged construction for long life

All parts are independently replacement

T-Slot designed for replaceable numbers and letters

Available for rubber, wood, leather, plastic branding

The branding dies are quick-interchangeable coupled

Sling heating block inside heating for quick heating-up

Three-wire, grounded construction for operator safety

Several branding heads can be used in one single branding iron

Efficient way to replace old DOT date with interchangeable branding die

Hand-held, all in one unit, compact structure considered for convenient, cost effective marking

Reasonable and inexpensive marking of your tire or other part with melting material

Unblurrable mark, can be removed only by physical destruction

04: Warning

Cannot point the heating heat to person around

Cannot drop the brander to the ground or knock it

Must close the power and remove the power wire if no use

Cannot leave the working brander away from the attention

Leave the brander away from the burning material, can put in to metal stand

Cannot touch the heated block and leave the branding iron away from the Children

Changing the position of your Portable Electric Iron Tyre Brander Machine from horizontal to vertical before it cools off to room temperature may result in internal damage and void warranty

Product Uses

Portable Electric Iron Tyre Brander Machine

Portable Electric Iron Tyre Brander Machine can brand #1: Dot Date ID #2: Company Logo #3: Identifying Code #4: Traceable Numbers #5: Sequence Number

Branding Dies

Portable Electric Iron Tyre Brander Machine

Portable Electric Iron Tyre Brander Machine adopts DOT Date Plate to replace your old DOT read or Changeover characters to combine new idenfying Code/Mark

Contact Us

Portable Electric Iron Tyre Brander Machine is professional tool for Tire/Tyre shop or tire distributor to brand DOT date, tire end user to mark identifying,traceable numbers, because of numerous reads of DOT dates,logos,Identifier,Codes,Marks and exclusive dimension , herein if you cannot find what your want, please consult your proposals with KEEPLEADER's Tech Team before your order

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