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Ultrasonic Musical Instrument Cleaner of Medical_Lab_Surgical_Musical Instrument Ultrasonic Cleaner Brass Instrument Cleaning

Ultrasonic Musical Instrument Cleaner

Ultrasonic Musical Instrument Cleaner

Ultrasonic Musical Instrument Cleaner has cleaning size/basket size made as your demanding applied for your musical instruments cleaning with ultrasonic vibration scrubbing

Machine Description

Ultrasonic Musical Instrument Cleaner


Ultrasonic Musical Instrument Cleaner can quickly clean brass instruments and woodwinds in only 2 to 4 minutes using water-based detergents, our Ultrasonic Musical Instrument Cleaner performs better, faster, and safer for cleaning brass, nickel, silverplate, clarinet keys and plastic, we even have an ultrasonic brass cleaner large enough to clean tubas

Brass musical instrument owners whether individuals, professional organization such as orchestras, school, university or performance bands want to keep the brass sparkling and shining, maintaining brass musical instrument sparkle and shine is fast and easy with our Ultrasonic Musical Instrument Cleaner and a regular music instrument cleaning program



Ultrasonic Musical Instrument Cleaner



Ultrasonic power


Ultrasonic frequency

28khz or 40khz

Plug in power

AC100~120V,60HZ / DC 200~240V/50HZ

Cleaning cycle time

5 minutes with Auto Shut off

Tank material

Stainless steel

Tank Volume


Liquid volume


Tank size


Overall Dimension


Net Weight


Packaging Volume



Environmentally friendly and safe

Eliminated the need for dangerous acids

Proven to be better than mechanical and chemical cleaning

Able to clean interior and exterior surface of musical instrument

All stainless steel, ensure many years of trouble free performance

Auto frequency sweeping technology, eliminates standing waves and provides a safe cleaning environment for all musical instrument surface

04: Advantages

Hand cleaning musical instruments can be a tedious and time-consuming process requiring major disassembly and reassembly, harsh cleaning solution and laborious hand scrubbing that still doesn’t quite reach all the cracks and crevices of a typical piece. With our Ultrasonic Musical Instrument Cleaner in your music workshop you can get the same or better results in less than half the time of hand cleaning, allowing you to process a higher volume or cleaning jobs and still have plenty of time to be out on the showroom floor

Ultrasonic Musical Instrument Cleaner is not only just used for harmonicas, but also used for cleaning process of Jewelry, glasses, Dentures, cutlery, mechanical parts and lap equipment

05: Buying guides

Each individual musical instrument cleaning process necessitate considering its consistent cleaning effect, some issues to consider are whether debris remains on instruments after removal from the Ultrasonic Musical Instrument Cleaner, the amount of time available to reprocess instruments, and whether or not other less time-consuming alterations of procedure are effective in improving the cleaning ability of the ultrasonic vibration scrubbing, some examples of alternatives to troubleshoot ineffective cleaning are possible in items below

Avoid overloading the ultrasonic

Using a different ultrasonic solution

Increasing the amount of time the ultrasonic is activated

Maintaining an appropriate level of solution in the chamber

Ensuring that the instruments are in a basket or other holder that prevents them from touching the floor of the ultrasonic emission

Detailed Images

Ultrasonic Musical Instrument Cleaner

Ultrasonic Musical Instrument Cleaner has compacted design for small footprint, quick access in operation and maintenance, all functions are in one machine

Machine Uses

Ultrasonic Musical Instrument Cleaner

Ultrasonic Musical Instrument Cleaner can keep your musical instruments sparkling and shining with less time-consumption and without hand-force adopted water-based liquid adding environmental-friend detergent at appropriate volume scake of 2~5%

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Ultrasonic Musical Instrument Cleaner is your ideal choose to replace your traditional hand or soap cleaning in your musical instrument restoration, for your individual practice or preferrable cleaning procedures, pls contact us for further technical verification

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