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Hot Stamper Wire Marking Machine of Semi-Automatic Cable_Wire Hot Stamping Machine for Wire Identification Hot Stamp Printing

Hot Stamper Wire Marking Machine

Hot Stamper Wire Marking Machine

Hot Stamper Wire Marking Machine is reliable, affordable, easy activation, art of the state foil blocking tech on wire/cable marking/imprinting/coding

Machine Description

Hot Stamper Wire Marking Machine

01: Application

The KLS-1040 Hot Stamper wire marking machine features wheel characters for quick change of marking codes, each printing wheel contains the full alphanumeric character and punctuation set, and can be rotated in any combination to set the required marking code, up to 10 printing wheels can be installed into the KLS-1040, with the printing wheels pre-loaded into the KLS-1040, change-over of the marking code is as simple as rotating the printing wheels to the desired character, eliminating hand setting of individual type characters, and waiting for new characters to reach marking temperature,Hot Stamper Wire Marking Machine is possible on most wire insulation, and for wires from 1.5mm up to 12mm of diameter, marking foil is available in various colors to better contract with wire insulation color,Hot Stamper Wire Marking Machine also accept the Nos of type-wheels and size of wire/cable guiding fixture for different size marking

02: Parameter


Hot Stamper Wire Marking Machine



Power Plug in

110v,60hz or 220v,50hz

Raw Material Diameter


Marking temperature

0~160 degree

Stamp Time


Air connection



Foot Pedal/customized type/ interface wire for in-line operation

The number of wheels

Maximum 25 or customized

Characters per wheel

40 characters per wheel (A~Z,0~9,-/. ,Space)

Character size

Vertical read: 1.5/1.6mm

Horizontal read:1.2 / 1.5 / 1.6 / 1.7 / 1.8 / 2.0 / 2.1 / 2.2 / 2.5 / 2.7 mm

Foil Material

Standard PVC foil, special Teflon-foil for Teflon insulation  

Foil Width/length

67mm or 33mm/120m

Foil usage for mark

3mm width 1.6mm character size

Foil Color

Black, white (On request: red, yellow, green, blue)

Net Weight


Notice: Specification of Hot Stamper Wire Marking Machine are subject to change without notice, an exceptions may apply depending on application, wire and other variable, optional equipment may require standard machine modification and/or later specification

03: Character

Prints horizontally or vertically

Utilizes full-size 40-characters type-wheels

Solid state dwell timer for better repeatability

Can be easily interfaced with wire processing machine

New, economical marking wheels available at a reasonable price

Pneumatic driven less operator fatigue than a level operated machine

Machine is also capable of using engraved logo dies for customizing sleeve

For hot stamping cable and wire insulation, heat shrink sleeve and plastic tubing

Quick-change fixture system minimizes setup time and maximizes printing speed

Legends are set in seconds, no handing of hot type or waiting to reach operating temp

Equipped with foot pedal switch and interface connected with other wire processing marker

Detailed Images

Hot Stamper Wire Marking Machine

Hot Stamper Wire Marking Machine has #1: robust steel frame #2: compact structure #3: Pneumatic driven #4: Foot Pedal SW #5: rotary character wheels #6: interface with other wire processing machine #7: Quick change marking foil/tape cartridge

Machine Uses

Hot Stamper Wire Marking Machine

Hot Stamper Wire Marking Machine is capable for hot stamp coding marks on wire,cable, shrinkable sleeve, and thermal tubular parts in "V" Serial of Vertial Read and "H" Serial of Horizontal read at 1.5~3mm with selectable characters combination freely

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