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Wire Marking Cable Hot Foil Stamping Press Machine of Identification Makes for Wire and Cable Marks_Codes Hot Stamping Machine

Wire Marking Cable Hot Foil Stamping Press Machine

Wire Marking Cable Hot Foil Stamping Press Machine

Wire Marking Cable Hot Foil Stamping Press Machine features wheel characters for freely selection of marking characters to combine various codes, each printing wheel contains the full alphanumeric character set, and can be rotated in any combination to set the required marking code, marking is possible on most wire insulation, and for wire diameter from 1 to 19mm, marking foil is available in various colors to better contrast with wire insulation color

Machine Description

Wire Marking Cable Hot Foil Stamping Press Machine

01: Application

Wire Marking Cable Hot Foil Stamping Press Machine is an electro-pneumatic hot stamping unit used to print on wires, cables, hoses, and sleeves, the hot stamping process produces abrasion-resistant marking in high quality, in this process electric heated printing wheel packet presses pigment foil onto the insulation coating surface to be printed on, all printing parameters such as contact pressure, printing time, temperature, dwell time can be selected by the user, the stamping machine also equipped with wire guiding anvil for center positioning

02: Parameter


Wire Marking Cable Hot Foil Stamping Press Machine



Power Plug in

200v~230v,50hz/60hz, Max 425VA

Compressed Air Supply


Heating Control

Sensor-controlled temperature 90~180 degree

Individual marking

1.6mm to 16mm

Production Rate

0.5 seconds per marking

Number of printing wheels

1.5 to 2.3mm: 1 to 44 character disks

2.5 to 3.5mm: 1 to 26 character disks

Character height in mm


Sigs per Printing wheel


Available Sings

Letter: A~Z,number: 0~9,- / . blank space

Noise Level

Less 70 dB(A)






Delicate balance of heat, pressure and foil

Built-in foil cartridge for convenient feeding foils

The direction of printing head can make as request

Equipment in cutting, stripping, winding, and metering

Equipped top cover to guarantee the safe transportation

Sliding gear to rotary selection characters to combine versatile codes

High temperature grease to lubricate the wheels to avoid corrosion and wear

Readable wheel built in for quick and ease selection your preferred characters  

The number of printing characters and types of faces can be selected as required

All stamping parameters such as pressure, dwell and temperature are freely selection

The character wheels made of copper which is harden treatment for good longevity

Operates on the proven hot stamping method using abrasion resistance hot stamping foil

Pedal Valve control the auto process, also have interface connected with other wire processing

Feature quick-change fixture systems that minimize set-up time and maximize printing speed to allow for frequent legend changes on a wide range of wire sizes

Both horizontal and vertical printing character on insulated wire and cable including Teflon, Tefzel and Kapton

Easy to handle, economically efficient, and produces excellent readability with lasting and oil-resistant marking

Detailed Images

Wire Marking Cable Hot Foil Stamping Press Machine

Wire Marking Cable Hot Foil Stamping Press Machine was pulled from a working industrial environment and has been tested, inspected at our facility, stamper powers on with no errors, heads up quickly and holds wet temperature, movement are smooth and consistent, all functions and controls are working as they should, no signs of damage or abuse, this wire stamping press machine is ready for use once you receive

Machine Uses

Wire Marking Cable Hot Foil Stamping Press Machine

Wire Marking Cable Hot Foil Stamping Press Machine is a permanent dry-printing method for cable, wire identification, custom identifications are printed onto the wire and cable insulation with electric heated character wheels with pigment foil sandwiched in

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