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Hot Stamp Wire Marker Foil Blocking Machine of Cable Hot Foil Stamping Press Machine for Wire Marking_Cable Foil Block Printing

Hot Stamp Wire Marker Foil Blocking Machine

Hot Stamp Wire Marker Foil Blocking Machine

Hot Stamp Wire Marker Foil Blocking Machine need air and electric supply, also need pigment  foil, necessitate reminding for stamping foil, which are formulated to meet the specific demands that these coatings are applied to, and feature such functional characters are resistance to abrasion, fade, heat distortion, scratch, moisture, mar and chemical resistance

Machine Description

Hot Stamp Wire Marker Foil Blocking Machine

01: Application

Hot Stamp Wire Marker Foil Blocking Machine is designed for the economical and high quality marking of wires, cables, sheath, sleeves and tubes, in A thru Z, 0 thru 9, right arrow, light arrow, dash, blank all of alphanumeric character sets and punctuation are engraved in each rotary wheels, typeface can be flat or curved to match the printing surface, the preheated wheel can freely rotation in selection, the combined characters are applied for desired foil block imprinting, custom quantity of rotary wheels mounted around the heating core, don’t need to wait for heating up for each stamp, precision engraved character in wheels press the pigment foil against your substrates, usually are versatile sizes wire, cable, the precision adjusting options for the stamping pressure and time and the marking temperature allow to recall every result         

02: Parameter


Hot Stamp Wire Marker Foil Blocking Machine



Power Plug in

220v, 50hz single phase

Available Material

Wire, cable, tubing and flat material

Available signs

A~Z, 0~9, Left arrow, right arrow, dash, blank





Marking Pressure

1~7 Bar

Marking Tempt

90~180 degree

Compressed air

0.7 Mpa

Dwell Tempt



D-Sub for in-line process in combination with a cable processing machine

Character per wheels

40 (all alpha-numeric characters)

Character style

Vertical or horizontal

Horizontal Size


Vertical size

Standard:1.6, 1.2mm on request

Foil Material

PVC-Foil, Teflon-Foil For Teflon insulation

Foil Color

Blank,white (on request: red, yellow, green, blue

Foil width


Foil consumption

Steplessly variable (adjustment to letter height)


Pneumatic/electric, remote signal operation in conjunction with in-line wire processor

Net Weight


Gross Weight


Note: specification are subject to change without notice, and exceptions may apply depending on application, wire and other variables, optional equipment may require standard machine modification and/ or later specifications

03: Character

Utilizes full size 40 character type wheels

Pint horizontal or vertically along wire

Operates remotely or with food pedal

Solid state dwell timer for better repeat-ability

Eliminates hand setting of individual type characters

Less operator fatigue than a lever operated machine

Can be easily interfaced with wire processing machines

The fastest intermittent hot stamp printer on the market today

Machine is also capable of using engraved logo dies for customizing sleeve

Quick-change fixture system minimizes set-up time and maximizes printing speed

Capable for hot stamping cable, wire insulation, heat shrink sleeve and plastic tubing

04: Buying Guides

041: Stamp character

Each type wheel has 26 letters, 10 numbers, left arrow, right arrow, dash and blank, they can be finished in either vertical or horizontal reading, they are hardened and hard chrome plated for lasting quality (specially characters are available at an extra charge)

042: Foil

Foil can be furnished in various colors and will accommodate the standard insulation material, foil feed is infinitely adjustable to the desired spacing

043: Temperature

The temperature of the type wheels is automatically controlled by the temp-control, heater and thermal couple, temperature may be infinitely adjusted from 90~180 degree

044: Wire Fixtures:

Wire guide fixture can be furnished for various wire,cable sizes

045: Manual Control:

The machine is furnished with a food pedal that will plug into a socket on the machine for manual operation

046: Automatic control:

The machine is provided with a 4-pin receptacle so that a cable from a cutting and stripping machine may be plugged in and remotely control the stamping sequence

047: Type wheels

The quantity of type wheels is made to order in each wheel composed of all of alphanumeric characters and punctuation, prints engraving size is matched for variable wires, logo or exceptional codes are also available built in type wheel for individual practices, all ten wheels may be centered on the mandrel if so desired, a fast operating type selector bar is provided to adjust the wheels to the desired characters visually selected through a magnifier

048: Stamp pressure

The stamping pressure may be adjusted from 0 thru 60 PSIG by an air pressure regulator with a pressure gauge, the air pressure controls the diaphragm-type actuator than requires no oil and withstands many actuation without failure

049: Dwell timer:

The solid state electronic dwell timer is adjustable for 0 to 1 second and will lock in at the fastest speed that most cutting and stripping machines will operate   

0410: Electrical supply

Hot Stamp Wire Marker Foil Blocking Machine requires 220 volt 50Jz 5 AMP supply, we can provide for 110 volt 60Hz at a normal added cost

0411: Air supply:

Supply air should be 100 thru 120 PSIG with a water filter at the entrance to the machine

0412: Operation Features

The Hot Stamp Wire Marker Foil Blocking Machine will not operate if the type lock bar is not in place and heating temperature is not reached its rated, also cannot let the wheel press any metal surface accidentally

Detailed Images

Hot Stamp Wire Marker Foil Blocking Machine

Hot Stamp Wire Marker Foil Blocking Machine has highlighting of #1: durability #2: cost effective #3: high-value added #4: Environmentally friendly #5: No chemicals or disposal issues

Machine Uses


Hot Stamp Wire Marker Foil Blocking Machine

Hot Stamp Wire Marker Foil Blocking Machine allows for marking on a large variety of tubings, sleevings, identification markers plates, ID Cable ties, plastic components

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