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Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine of Ultrasonic Aqueous Washing Equipment for Component Immersion Ultrasonic Agitation Cleaner

Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine of Ultrasonic Aqueous Wasking Equipment for Component Immersion Ultrasonic Agitation Cleaner

Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine is ideal for organic and inorganic soil removal, defluxing and other precision cleaning application, our systems come in preconfigured or modular packages and are constructed with stainless steel where it matters most to resist corrosive environments, Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning in ways that manual processes such as spraying and scrubbing cannot

Machine Description

Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

01: Application

Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine is a cleaning device that uses ultrasound (high frequency wave, usually from 20~400khz) and an appropriate cleaning solution to cleaning solid items, the ultrasonic can be used with just water, but use of an ultrasonic soap appropriate for the item to be cleaned and the soiling enhances the effects, cleaning normally lasts between three thru six minutes, Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine can be used for wide variety of applications, including plastic parts, bearings, bolts, rubber parts, internal parts, plastic injection molds, transmission parts and final cleaning all engine parts prior to assembly, Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine can clean contaminants that include dust, dirt, oil, pigments, rust, grease, algae, fungus, bacteria, lime scale, polishing compounds, flux agents, fingerprints, soot wax and mold release agents and biological soil, the versatility of Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine make them an ideal choice for the automotive, medical, pharmaceutical, aerospace and engineering industries, as well as other industries, Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine uses cavitation bubbles induced by high-frequency pressure (sound) waves to agitate a liquid, the agitation produces high forces on contaminants adhering to substrates like metals, plastics, glass, rubber and ceramics, this action also penetrates blind holes, cracks and recesses, the intention is to thoroughly remove all traces of contamination tightly adhering or embedded onto solid surface, water or solvents can be used, depending on the type of contamination and the part, benefits of Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine:

Uses for wide range of work pieces shapes, sizes, and materials

The ultrasonic cleaning process gently moves parts to assist with cleaning, this mitigate the risk of damage to industries parts during cleaning

May not require the part to be disassembled prior to cleaning, lower labor costs equal increased profits

Water, soap and green-friendly solvents are environmentally safe, Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine reduce/replaces hazardous cleaning solvents

Short cycle times save time. Money and increase plant efficiency

02: Parameter


Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine



Internal size


Power Plug-in

220v,50hz or 110v, 60hz

Ultrasonic Power


Heating Power


Unit size


Packaging Size





180 LTR


Stainless Steel

Ultrasonic Frequency

28khz or 40khz

Temperature control

0~100 degree

Tank Material

SUS304,2mm thickness

Shell Material

SUS304, 1.5mm thickness


With Drainage, basket and tank lid

Net Weight


Gross Weight


03: Character

Free parts’ basket

Industrial grade model

Top Handles for easy handing

Drain Faucet for spill-proof draining

Durable stainless steel construction

Thermostatically controlled heat

Heating element for best cleaning results

Precision temperature controlling system

Stainless steel cover and basket included

Generically enhanced industrial transducers

Automation interface for ultrasonic switching

Industrial grade transducer for best reliability

Easy access to routine maintenance components

Adjustable feet provide stabilization and prevent rocking

Heating element can stay on all day even if ultrasonic power is off

Detailed Images

Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine is a method of removing light oils from the work parts utilizing special equipment with a water-based, biodegradable cleaning compound, depending on the cleaning pound chosen, the oil can be either emulsified or split to the surface, from the surface, it is skimmed to separation compartment, where it is isolated from the cleaning area, continuous filtration and liquid agitation is provided to aid the cleaning process, Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine is most appropriate for cleaning parts that are contaminated with light oils, or as a preliminary cleaning operation prior to other processing

Machine Uses

Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Both KEEPLEADER of distributor and our factory trained representatives are prepared to offer any assistance in selecting your Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine, the more o the following information you furnish, the quicker and more precision the appropriate Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine, for your part degreasing and cleaning needs, can be selected

01: Soils to be removed

02: Current cleaning method used

03: Materials from which you parts are manufactured

04: Size, weight, configuration, and quantity of the parts to be cleaned per day

05: Operations immediately before and after cleaning (e.g. machine before/paint after)

06: Preferred method of handing: manual or automatic

07: Single or multiple steps cleaning required

08: Type of cleaning fluid: Solvent or water-based

09: Budget

Contact Us

Our technical sales staff will be pleased to help you determine exactly which cleaning, rinsing and drying system best satisfies your requirements, because, we offer each component individually, or provide a combined solution for whole processing line in cleaning, our customers are able to purchase an Aqueous Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine that includes only the equipment they need, and if a special system is needed to meet your specific requirements, our staff will design one that is competitively priced and available with a surprisingly short lead-time

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