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Golf Club UItrasonic Cleaning Machine with Token_Timer_Counter Golf Club Ultrasonic Cleaning of Self-sevice Golf club ultrasonic Cleaner

Golf Club UItrasonic Cleaning Machine

Golf Club UItrasonic Cleaning Machine

Golf Club UItrasonic Cleaning Machine is self-service golf club ultrasonic cleaner with ♦1: Toekn 2: Tank lid 3: Cleaning basket 4: Temperature Control 5:Counter

Product description

Related file of ultrasonic cleaning technology

With cavitation effect Ultrasonic cleaning technology is widely used in ultrasonic golf club cleaning, semi-conductor silicon chip cleaning, optical glass cleaning, parts of watch and cock cleaning, jewelry cleaning, polyester filtration core cleaning, widow blind cleaning

Mainly introduction

Ultrasonic technology has been used for over forty years to clean medical, electronic and other high precision equipment. Ultrasonic produce millions of tiny bubbles in a solution that implode when coming into contact with any surface. This quickly and safely removes any surface contamination.

Ultrasonic technology works wonders when cleaning golf clubs as the solution reaches all parts of the club head and grips far quicker and more effectively than any other cleaning method.

The Ultrasonic Golf Club Cleaner will clean your club heads and grips in a solution that has no moving parts.

Ultrasonic cleaning preserves the life of your golf clubs. Golfers with clean club heads and grips play better golf.

This innovative and highly reliable machine has been used over the years by thousands and thousands of satisfied golfers.

Character Of ultrasonic golf club cleaner

Token-operated vending machine for self service;

Automatically water discharging and filling

Fast heating power to reach requested temperature

Better collection of tokens inside the machine

Minimum fill line on the inside of the tank

Each machine in a separate crate

High quality token system

Built-in separately exciting Generator

Built-in Transducers

304 Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel

Built-in Thermostatically controlled Heater

Built-in Counter

Built-in Time

The application of ultrasonic cleaner

Ultrasonic golf club cleaner mainly used to clean the golf club head, golf club grip, and golf club balls remove the surface contamination within five minutes without polution

Parameter of ultrasonic golf cleaning machine





Ultrasonic power

800W up to 1600w

Power frequency

50hz or 60hz under request

Power voltage

110v or 220v under request

Heating power

3kw or 5kw, under request


Single phase, two wires

Ultrasonic frequency

28khz or 40khz


100pcs per machine

Temperature control

0°C to 100 °C

Cleaning time

0°C to 999°C

Generator power

800w to 1600w

Generator type

PCB type, with 3pcs power board

Power of vibrator

50W or 60w

The quantity of vibrator

16pcs or under request

Interior Tank dimensions

350*300*380mm or under request

Exterior tank dimensions

510*585*800 or under request



Net weight


Gross weight



Wooden case, make of fumigation-free material

Cleaning step

Fill the water to be over the minimum fill line

Plug in, connect the power supply

Regulate the temperature controller (50°C to 70°C)

Regulate the timer controller ( 3 minutes to 5 minutes)

Switch on the ultrasonic and heating

Put the tokens into the slot of token system

Special notice

Must be sure of the water is over minimum fill line on the inside of tank when heating

The size of cleaning tank is under request, which depends on the where the machine is used, home or club shop or golf course

You can decide if cradle in need or not, cradle is convenient to load and unload the golfball.

You can choose one circle to clean the golf club heads and golfball, another circle to cleaning glof club grips

You can make trolley to let keepleader’s machine sit in for convenient movement, keepleader’s machines also have Universal wheel

OEM, ODM order is available, we also accept customized design

MFR: KEEPLEADER™ have modified and designed Golf Club UItrasonic Cleaning Machine for our customers’ unique and special requirements, please contact KEEPLEADER™ for updated details

After-sales service


After purchasing at KEEPLEADER™ is first step of our after-service, all of machines at KEEPLEADER™ has one year guarantee, we provide free samples for defected parts to do replacement except for human damage, under information for your notice

01: KEEPLEADER™ always posts the new technical file in our homepage that can help our client in new technical information of machines’ design, character, application, operation, maintenance,

and related, KEEPLEADER™ also welcome our clients feed back the machines’ working condition that can get one to one service

02: If the machine you purchased has any defects, please contact sales representative at KEEPLEADER™, we will assign our experienced engineer analyze your case and provide technical support, in case of damaged parts that cannot repair, KEEPLEADER™ will provide a new parts to replace the defect

03: For any replacement and maintenance, KEEPLEADER™ has user manual and training video

04: KEEPLEADER™ can go to oversea for on-site training

05: KEEPLEADER™ can provide electric diagram if in need

06:Golf Club UItrasonic Cleaning Machine has user manual, train video and on-line service

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