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Blister Packaging Paper Card Hot Sealing Machine of PVC_PET Stationery Blister Card Packing heat Sealer Automatic Fusing Machine

Blister Packaging Paper Card Hot Sealing Machine

Blister Packaging Paper Card Hot Sealing Machine

Blister Packaging Paper Card Hot Sealing Machine has feature of advanced technology, complete function, reasonable working process, easy operation and convenient maintenance, is suitable to seal the blister cover onto the cardboard, using the pulse fever principle, choosing different current output according to the area you want to seal, then done the sealing under the cooling and pressure-adding environment, this blister packaging machine can be used on blister/clamshell packaging toys, stationary, daily necessity. Living goods, cosmetic, industrial products, hardware tools, and small tools very efficiency and the finished shape is very enjoyable

Machine Description

Blister Packaging Paper Card Hot Sealing Machine

01: Application

As sustainability becomes increasingly important to the public, may consumers are looking to reduce their environmental impact by selecting eco-friendly packaging, and many major retailers are even implementing their own environmentally friendly packaging initiatives,Blister Packaging Paper Card Hot Sealing Machine is suit for sealing PVC Blister and paper card, after sealing the product will be transparent, beautiful, moisture proof,dust-proof, Blister Packaging Paper Card Hot Sealing Machine is widely used in hardware, cosmetic,toys, stationery,batteries, art wares,car accessories, electrical components,souvenir,tableware,daily necessities, rubber products, auto parts,medical equipment,razors, small flashlights,light bulbs,cleaning balls,foot pads,502 glue,AB glue,spark plug,brake pad,correction tape,correction fluid,eraser,pencil sharpener,stapler,ballpoint pen,solid glue,USB flash drive,chopsticks, small spoon, toothbrush, dental floss,lipstick, mask, car perfume, injection syringe,first aid kits, safflower oil, wind oil and so on

02: Parameter


Blister Packaging Paper Card Hot Sealing Machine





Power Output


Max Packing Size


Packing Speed

6~15 times/Minute

Working Station


Machine Dimension


Net Weight


Packing Volume


Note: keepleader readily provides bespoke solution for fully automated Blister Packaging Paper Card Hot Sealing Machine with high specification at competitive price, modular design allows the solution to be used as a standalone blister former or blister sealing conveyor sealer, optional features includes: additional cardboard feeding device, automatic product feeding device and delivery conveyor

03: Salient Features

Mechanical transmission, servo motor driving, encode control,reasonable structure, easy operation

PLC control system, frequency speed adjust to reduce the noise and improve the stability

Photo-electrical control, auto detection to avoid rejection and missed loading

The whole machine is separately designed, it is convenient to delivery with lift

Electric pulse heating takes only on the jointing area to produce precision bonding

The packaging effect is radiant and transparent after bonding

Adopting electric motor crawler transmission, cylinder pressure moving

The use of special adjustable heating elements, temperature error plus or minus 5 degree

Equipped with transportation belt, finished products can be directly packaged

12 working station in a circle integrated crawler transmission in large scale packaging process

Detailed Images

Blister Packaging Paper Card Hot Sealing Machine

Blister Packaging Paper Card Hot Sealing Machine constructs modular sections of #1: conveying unit for finished packages integrated into your carton packing #2: Fully closure of outside shielding door #3: 12pcs Bakelite fixing molds #4: Crawler chain transmission 

Machine Uses

Blister Packaging Paper Card Hot Sealing Machine

Blister Packaging Paper Card Hot Sealing Machine is suitable for the blister pack packaging of battery, stationary, food, medical equipment, toys, hand ward, electronics, auto parts, daily use product, cosmetic etc, such as the injector, solid gum, toy car, scissor, flashlight, battery, spark plug, lip stick, hook, shaver, pencil and etc

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Blister Packaging Paper Card Hot Sealing Machine adopts heating fever principle in blister card sealing,pulse heating only evokes at the bonding area, the adjustable current control to satisfy versatile size production, auto transmission design improves the throughput and save the labor cost, but cannot take pressure in cutting process, our high frequency welding and cutting machine can complete two processes simultaneously in a circle, ultrasonic welding machine also takes into consideration in blister packaging, believe that keepleader is a reliable supplier and can afford one-stop solution for your individual packaging, consult your practical process with our tech team to work out affordable and reasonable solution

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