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Pneumatic Heat Press Embossing Hot Stamping Machine for Leather_Wood_Plastic_Rubber Indent Mark Labels Thermoprinting Imprinters

Pneumatic Heat Press Embossing Hot Stamping Machine

Pneumatic Heat Press Embossing Hot Stamping Machine

Pneumatic Heat Press Embossing Hot Stamping Machine has the salient characters of high pressure, compact structure, robust construction, easy to use, high efficiency and stable property, it can meet the integrated requirements of stamping, branding, embossing, bronzing, sublimating, impressing and indenting for most commodities with good thermal conductivity, and is the ideal choice of packaging printing, textile/fabric cloth sublimation, daily production bronzing, and wooden article branding, leather embossing, paper object foil stamping and other relative printing/coding/identifying/marking process 

Machine Description

Pneumatic Heat Press Embossing Hot Stamping Machine

01: Application

Pneumatic Heat Press Embossing Hot Stamping Machine is pneumatic actuated hot stamp in vertical pressure, the machine supports quick-changeable stamping dies of each engraved with specified logo/text/codes/signs/graphic images/alphanumeric characters, all of thermal products made of Leather, PVC,PU,wood, plastic, paper, and other material are workable within top limited geometric shape and dimension, this hot stamping machine has not auto paper feeding device, the user can manually sandwich the pigment foil in sheet or in roll to exert hot foil stamping process of silver, golden bronzing, moreover, the plane surface in sublimation is also available

02: Parameter


Pneumatic Heat Press Embossing Hot Stamping Machine




220v,50hz or 110v,60hz

Heating Power


Heating Plate


Working Pressure


Air Pressure

5 Bar

Max Pressure


Pressing Time


Cylinder Stroke


Working Area


Temperature Range

Within 500 Celsius Degree

Mold Mounting Hole

M6 Interval:1.5cm

Packing Size


Packing Weight


Spare Parts

Air Hose, Hex spanner, Wrench, Foot Pedal,Heating Tube

Important Notice

Hot stamping machine with electrical plugs are designed for use in the UK,Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this hot stamper may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination, please check compatibility before purchasing

03: Salient Advantages

The height of the hot stamping head can be adjusted and balance

Arranged automatic counting function for another ancillary function

Digital operation panel achieve visual operation and status reading

Air operated actuation,free your hands,easy to operate and high efficient

No impact during the work process, which can greatly improve efficiency

Turn the hand-wheel to lift and stamping head in adjustment of stoke distance

Air cylinder impels the crank to apply stamping pressure is stable and reliable

Built-in installing hole of M6 with interval:1.5mm to support quick interchange dies

The branding/stamping die made of copper/brass have great thermal conductivity

With food pedal,easy to operate,each cycle process can be finished in 1~3seconds

Compact structure and robust construction to save the space and improve longevity

Twp-handed button operation, high security, also can control the trigger via pedal valve

Stamping/branding time, temperature, pressure are adjustable to combine a perfect work 

Detailed Images

Pneumatic Heat Press Embossing Hot Stamping Machine

Pneumatic Heat Press Embossing Hot Stamping Machine is our small and large-area hot stamping machine for decorating/Branding/Identifying/Embossing/Sublimation/Deposition/Foil Bronzing/Imprinting in making handwork/Handicraft/Arts, our machine can provide advanced capabilities of reducing setup time/high reliability/efficiency/quiet operation/simplified troubleshooting/stable,consistent head travel,because of these salient characters,this hot stamping machine can personalize your goods and products quickly and easily, and add value to your products, create a personalized touch and build a loyal customer base by immediate turn around on printed goods,see your profits increase with our table top Pneumatic Heat Press Embossing Hot Stamping Machine that is user friendly, versatile and scaled to suit your small printing needs

Machine Uses

Pneumatic Heat Press Embossing Hot Stamping MachinePneumatic Heat Press Embossing Hot Stamping Machine

Pneumatic Heat Press Embossing Hot Stamping Machine can bronze,decorative designs,patterns, characters an combined trademarks on paper,leather, plastic,cement, hard rubbers,wood-wares, bamboo articles,PVC soft rubbers,photos,fabric cloth and art-wares, it can meed the integrated requirements of bronzing, embossing,stamping, branding,sublimating, imprinting and indenting 

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