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Copper Tube Sealing Metal Welder Ultrasonic Welding Machine for Refrigerator Aluminum Pipe End Cutting Sealer Ultrasound Device

Copper Tube Sealing Metal Welder Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Copper Tube Sealing Metal Welder Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Copper Tube Sealing Metal Welder Ultrasonic Welding Machine can permanently connect non-ferrous metals, such as copper tube sealing, vacuum device sealing, aluminum tube sealing, it is widely used in refrigerators, air conditioners and other industries, both energy saving and precise, high connection strength and good hermetic sealing,the sealed tube wont have leakage after adding Freon, and welding process is no consumables such as solder, it can meet all process safety and quality control requirements related to the production of OEM products in the automotive electronics, and energy industries

Machine Description

Copper Tube Sealing Metal Welder Ultrasonic Welding Machine

01: Application

Copper Tube Sealing Metal Welder Ultrasonic Welding Machine has specific bonding trait that adopts mechanical vibration energy of ultrasonic frequency to seal ends of aluminum and copper tube when assemble air conditioning HVAC system and refrigerator, capillary and bulb temperature sensor and products that require sealing and welding of copper and aluminum pipe, when the tube is ultrasonically welded, neither electric current nor high temperature heat source is applied to the joints, but under static pressure,the ultrasonic vibration energy is transmitted into molecular realignment energy, deformation happen, and internal temperature rise, solid phase welding occurs when the compacted tube reach the re-crystallization temperature, therefore, it effectively overcomes the spatter and oxidation caused for resistance welding, It is generally believed that in the initial stage of ultrasonic welding process, the tangential vibration removes the oxides on the metal surface, and the protruding part of the rough surface produces repeated micro-welding and destruction, which increases the contact area and increases the temperature of welding zone, high, plastic deformation occurs at the interface of joints,in this way, under the action of contact pressure, when they approach each other to the distance at which atomic gravity can act, a solder joint is formed,pneumatic force also cal exert cutting in the sealing process to attain completed process

02: Parameter


Copper Tube Sealing Metal Welder Ultrasonic Welding Machine



Ultrasonic Power


Ultrasonic Frequency


Power Plug In

220v,50hz or 110v,60hz

Control Volts


Control System

Programmable Logic Control with Touch Screen

Working Air Pressure


Welding Time




Tube Wall Thickness

Within 1mm

Tube Bonded Thickness

Optimal Thickness:0.8~0.9mm after welding

Welding Stroke





Handle or Foot Padel

Net Weight


Machine Size


Generator Size


03:Working Principle  

Copper Tube Sealing Metal Welder Ultrasonic Welding Machine has the sample traits of universal ultrasonic metal welding machine except for end trimming cut, the ultrasonic transducer converts the ultrasonic high-power oscillating signal into mechanical energy of the corresponding frequency, and applies it to the interface of the metal tube to be welded, so that the joint of the metal tube generates heat instantly, and then activates the particles in the metal lattice. So that the molecules where the metal tube compacts close is interpenetrated and sealed together, during the process, there is no current passing through the tube, and no welding arc is generated,since ultrasonic welding does not have problem such as the conduction and resistivity, it is undoubtedly an ideal tube end sealing solution

04: Salient Characters

Digitally control the amplitude with accuracy of +/-1um

The sealing speed is fast and the efficiency is high

Simple operation, convenient assembly an easy maintenance

The joining process does not need water cooling and gas protection

Welding time is short, do not need any flux, gas solder, additives, fillers

Quick changing horn, high precision and strength ensure the performance of sealing and cutting in a cycle process

The tube sealing ultrasonic welding machine is portable, conveniently carried to working-sites and gratify the versatile production scenario

Ultrasonic high-frequency friction to instantly generate high temperature to melt is safe and environmentally

Efficient resonance frequency work, automatic tracking, large output power, stable and reliable welding strength

Programmable Logic control with touch scree is visible in setting parameter and control the operation, the welding time, applying pressure, dwell time, vibration fall time,speed etc all are adjustable in gratifying different diameter and wall thickness of tube

Software-saved can store nine sets of parameters for quick-matched production

Automatic calibration frequency function of ultrasonic copper/aluminum tube end sealing

Electronic voltage stabilization function to keep the stable ultrasonic power output

Good sealing strength after welding, the sealed tube has not leakage after filling Freon

Metal joining is close to cold processing,sealed tube is not annealing and oxidation trace

Detailed Images

Copper Tube Sealing Metal Welder Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Copper Tube Sealing Metal Welder Ultrasonic Welding Machine can reliable and conveniently complete all kinds of copper tubes and aluminum tubes procedures of end sealing and edge cutting, sealing strength is high, no air and liquid leakage, definitely gratify the qualified welding process requirements, the cycle process is fast,energy-saving and with high fusion strength and good hermetic effect, no spark, close to cold processing, the bending, sealing, cutting operation can be done quickly in one second, the design of portable structure is considered for convenient on-site sealing and cutting inflatable tube,which is used in refrigerator,air conditioners, and fine tubular and spherical temperature sensor

Machine Use

Copper Tube Sealing Metal Welder Ultrasonic Welding Machine

Copper Tube Sealing Metal Welder Ultrasonic Welding Machine is capable of simultaneously welding and cutting 2~12mm copper or aluminum tubes, which is mainly used in refrigerator and air conditioning manufacturing industry to weld and seal copper or aluminum tubes with condensing agent, as well as capillary or spherical temperature sensors, and other products requiring end sealing and edge trimming copper or aluminum tubes 

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