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Automatic Serigraphy Screen Printing Machine For PVC_PET Sheet Tag_Label Auto Rotary Table Printers Silkscreen Print Equipment

Automatic Serigraphy Screen Printing Machine

Automatic Serigraphy Screen Printing Machine

Automatic Serigraphy Screen Printing Machine has combined actuation of pressing and process in both servo motor and pneumatic system, the sturdy frame and automatic mechanism guarantee the longevity and high effectiveness, this silk screen printing machine has supportive quick-changeable fixture of auto positional guiding to gratify versatile shaped products, and it is suitable for printing on all kinds of flat,oval, conical and oblate shaped products made of metal, glass, wood, paper, plastic, membranes switch, PCB,PET heating transfer film, tempered glass, auto windshield, light, guide plate, DC card, nameplate, also printing on bags, non-woven fabric, ceramic decals, glazing plate glass, label and panel, stationary decals, plastic sheet and other printable commodities 

Machine Description

Automatic Serigraphy Screen Printing Machine

01: Application

Automatic Serigraphy Screen Printing Machine has rotary indexing air suction worktable of four working positions, this screen printer is a heavy-duty,high efficiency silk screen printing machine, equipped with four precision air suction countertops to fix the printing products,this printers rotary worktable is driven by a servo motor, which precision,high hardness, high efficiency and precise control,the manipulator blanking system is provided to increase the printing speed,it is used in the electronics, advertising packaging printing, sports equipment, toys, stationary gifts,metal processing industries

Automatic Serigraphy Screen Printing Machine is suitable for printing on most shaped products made of metal, glass, wood, paper, plastic membranes switch,PCB,PET heating transfer foil, tempered glass,auto windshield, light guide plate, DC card, nameplate, also printing on bags, non-woven fabrics, ceramic decals, glazing plate glass, label and panel,plastic sheet, and other products with the material of PVC, which has high requirement in overprinting

02: Parameter


Automatic Serigraphy Screen Printing Machine






220v,50hz or 110v, 60hz

Working Air Pressure


Air Consumption


Maximum Printing Size


Maximum Frame Size


Printing Capacity


System Support

Programmable Logitc Control with Touch Screen


Electric and Pneumatic

Registration Precision


Station Quantity


Robot Stroke


Max Object Height


Screen Frame Up Stroke


Scraper Stroke


Scraper/squeegee Stroke


Vertical and Horizontal

+-6mm (Adjustment Amount)

Feeding Way

Vacuum Adsorption/Finger Gripping

Printing Color

One Color

Lift Driven

Servo Motor

Control Motor




Machine Dimension


03: Salient Character

Automatic dust removal rollers and static eliminator

Printing head vertical rise-and-fall driven by servo motor

Casting-Iron frame ensures high stability and no deformation

Vacuum suction table for efficient work-piece fixing during printing

Castor wheels with brake are installed on machine for easy movement

Ink scraper and ink retrieval device can adjust the tilt angle respectively

The machine has anti-drop ink function to prevent color difference ink

User-friendly touch screen control panel for maximum operation convenience

The printing head rise and fall vertically for convenient access to screen and squeegee

Rust proof painting has been applied on the machine to prevent it from getting rust

The angle and pressure of squeegee and scraper are adjustable to fit different printing tasks

Winding and unwinding use air shaft, easy loading and unloading of film roll and prevent slippage

The pitch feeding roller is driven by servo motor, ensuring exact length film feeding as per setting at all times

Detailed Images

Automatic Serigraphy Screen Printing Machine

Automatic Serigraphy Screen Printing Machine stands out of its competitors because of its salient advantages in #1: adopting multi-station turntable indexing mechanism to exert auto feeding,integrating robotic arm loading/dust removal/LED curing, which are functional synchronization in a cycle process #2: 4-8pcs workable stations built-in a rotary disc for auto indexing feed to ensure the stability of printing #3:equipping with surface dust removal device,which effectively reduces defects and improves printing quality #4:equipped with servo motorized manipulator to improve the efficiency and safety of operation #5:fixtures integrate with automatic suction function,which is beneficial to improve the printing quality #6:having LED curing system,which not only ensures the operating efficiency of the printer, but also is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly #7: PLC control with touch screen displays the visual operating system, which is convenient for operation and debugging #8: the intelligent control system of the printer effective monitors the operation of printer, when the printer operates abnormally, it will automatically alarm and prompt the problem on the screen to realize human-computer interactions #9: the frame of this printer adopts square tube and cold plate welded and painted,the structure is robust and good-looking 

Machine Uses

Automatic Serigraphy Screen Printing Machine

Automatic Serigraphy Screen Printing Machine is suitable for versatile shaped printable products of flat,oval,conical,oblate printing, such as glass,CDs, nameplates, stickers, credit cards, ceramic decals, wooden, toy puzzles, and PCB, SMT solder paste, membrane switches and other products in the electronic industry,stationary, packaging,case/shell/shield, meter cover, Film/sheets and other relatives, it is also suitable for gold and solver cardboard and metal sheets, PVC etc, as the base material, flat printing of products withe high overprint accuracy requirements 

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