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Serial Branders Rotary Branding Irons of Electric Handheld Tyre Hot Brander Tool for Tire Marking Sequence Number Heat Imprinter

Serial Branders Rotary Branding Irons

Serial Branders Rotary Branding Irons

Serial Branders Rotary Branding Irons are reliable and affordable solution in a quick,easy way to brand tires and equipment with serial numbers, inventory numbers or whatever numbering system that will suit your purpose, ten digits from 0~9, twenty-six letters from A~Z on many wheels/discs,random rotary wheels of each engraved ten characters to freely select in combining the users’ expected alphanumeric characters, all wheels are inserted in built-in heating mandrel to keep every characters hot and ready to use

Machine Description

Serial Branders Rotary Branding Irons


Serial Branders Rotary Branding Irons are custom made from solid tool steel and precision cut with CNC machine that are electric heated, characters are built in discs, multiple wheels integrate a imprinting roll to apply serial sequence marking in horizontal, three heating rods are mounted in a mandrel exert heating up the characters in wheels, and keep every characters hot and ready to use, rotary branding irons provide a practical and affordable way to apply serial numbers brands that is high quality and can nbe applied to plastic, rubber and many other service as well

02: Parameter


Serial Branders Rotary Branding Irons




110v or 220v



Temperature Range

Within 400 Celsius

Applicable Material

Rubber, Plastic,Wood, Paper,or any other brand-able Material

Qty of Character Discs

10pcs or specified

Qty of Character in Discs

10pcs or Specified

Characters arranged

Number:0~9;Letter:A~Z;Punctuation;Blank;Specified Signs

Dimension of Heater


Font Size


Max Shank Width


Qty of Heating Elements



Tool Steel

Relief Depth

Within 2mm

Character Interval


Time of Heating Up

Within:5 Minutes

Applicable Temperature


350~400 Celsius


350~380 Celsius


120~160 Celsius


80~120 Celsius


120~140 Celsius





P.s.:Serial Branders Rotary Branding Irons with electrical plugs are designed for use in European countries, Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this rotary branding iron may require specified volts for use in your destination, please check compatibility before purchasing

03: Salient Character

Two handle operation reduce the operator fatigue

Brand is hot and ready to use after each changeover

Rugged construction for long life and reliable operation

Compact,on board design keep every characters hot and ready to use

Easy operation, affordable, fast changeover to new number sequence

Available in 110v,60hz or 220v, 50hz to gratify differ voltages internationally

Selected quantities in character wheels engraved numbers:0~9;letters:A~Z,dash, blank

Can be custom designed with users choice of letter,number and character sequencing

Multiple heating elements inserted into mandrel to achieve consistent thermal capability

Digital temperature control to precisely set the heating rate to get the controllable imprint

Ancillary top hand can support heated brander in idle, or add pressing strength in working

Rotary character wheels are made of sold-state tool steel with precision cutting by CNC

Detailed Images

Serial Branders Rotary Branding Irons

Serial Branders Rotary Branding Irons can fit every brand-able material, situation and industrial environment, the characters builds in wheels that stands in a rotary roll to random select in combining desired sequence numbers, this rotary branding irons are popular in applying of identifying, counterfeiting or traceability by thermal imprinting that are adopted to brand truck tires, bee boxes, fleet tires, car tyres, plastic case of battery pack, scaffold planks and many others, but engineering capabilities dont stop at branding irons, weve also developed a complete line of high-production branding system for our industries customers who need to apply repetitive brands, that can also incorporate high-heat and serialized options 

Buying Guides

Serial Branders Rotary Branding Irons

Serial Branders Rotary Branding Irons have bespoke construction in their font size and alphanumeric characters, any letters,digits, text, signs,codes, symbols, punctuation can organize in different wheels with specified size, they are mainly used for branding on wood, rubber, plastic and leather, temperature can be adjusted upon different usage

Machine Uses

Serial Branders Rotary Branding Irons

Serial Branders Rotary Branding Irons have most popularity in imprinting sequence, counterfeit number into surface of tire,keepleader, we optimize our proofs to support clear and legible branded serial marks, alphanumeric characters engraved in the rotary discs/wheels that are heated by built-in electric heating mandrels, all of character wheels retain heat longer, this means the user can continuously brand several tires without constantly having to reheat

Operational Guides

Serial Branders Rotary Branding Irons

Serial Branders Rotary Branding Irons can freely set the temperature that is considered for different materials, the user can take a piece of scrap material to practice skill in trial branding, the perfect combination of pressure, temperature and dwell time can wow the gratified effect,herein, the best for tire branding is organized items of 1st: temperature:350~400 Celsius;2nd:dwell time:within 10 seconds;3rd:pressing force: the tire must be inflated or supported at the beneath of melting area against pressing to resist pressure 5~10kgs

Moreover, a few tips of branding wood for the first time,It takes a higher degree of heat and a slightly longer dwell time to brand hardwoods such as oak,Branded marks on soft wood tend to bleed, but you can easily sand away the “halo” surrounding your branded image

Contact Us

Keepleader, we supplies a great variety of branding irons, from Serial Branders Rotary Branding Irons to branding irons with clamping device and hot branding irons with T-slot head to combine interchangeable characters, and hot branding irons with fixed dies/heads,the options can be overwhelming, but our professionals are happy to impel you choose the best solution for your application,we are the leader in the industrial branding irons market, this is due to our Many years-long experience in creating customized branding solution for every conceivable branding application and environment, please contact us without any hesitation to create a customized Serial Branders Rotary Branding Irons for your sequence branding

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