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Truck Tire Marks Signs Mold Pressing Hot Brander of Tyre Codes Retread_Molding_Portable Clamping Vulcanizing Irons_Branding Tool

Truck Tire Marks Signs Mold Pressing Hot Brander

Truck Tire Marks Signs Mold Pressing Hot Brander

Truck Tire Marks Signs Mold Pressing Hot Brander is quick, easy way to perform vulcanizing protruded marks on the tire surface that also capable for retreading old marks, marking identifying codes, signs, and anti-counterfeit signs with concave or convex convex characters, furthermore, the molded branding die or combined interchangeable characters can combine serial number, inventory numbers, sequencing numbers or whatever numbering system that will suit your purpose, the mounting mold inserts into the T-slot of heating block, all heated at one time and kept hot by the powerful internal heating element, this hot brander is often used for rubber marking, likely truck tire, car tires and agriculture machine tire, tailored size of characters are separated for random combination, or engraved in mold 

Machine Description

Truck Tire Marks Signs Mold Pressing Hot Brander


Truck Tire Marks Signs Mold Pressing Hot Brander applies tire vulcanizing to create protruded codes/signs/codes/legends/sequencing numbers/identifying codes/Monogram/graphic images/type/Dates,this branding iron constructs clamping device that can hold the branding dies with convex or concave characters in place of retreading on disassembled tire, electric heating elements is monitored by digital temperature control, the lever wrenched linear gear bar exerts vulcanizing pressure, the compact construction assists on convenient and flexible positioning alignment that additionally take quick-access working place, especially for small working shop to save the space, and robust frame such as steel clip,aviation aluminum power box and brass/copper mold increase the longevity

02: Parameter


Truck Tire Marks Signs Mold Pressing Hot Brander



Power Plug In

220v,50hz or 110,60hz demanded



Applicant Tire


TEMP Range

145~165 C Degree up to 500 Celsius degree demanded





Tool Steel

Power Box

Aviation Aluminum

Vulcanizing Time

Within 7 minutes

Net Weight


Gross Weight


03: Salient Characters

Lever wrenches the screwing bar to apply clamping force that is even and reliable

Large capacity, C-frame clip to hold the disassembled tire in versatile sizes

Electric heated legend plate to achieve vulcanization of the protruded codes onto tire

Adjustable clamping force, angle in horizontal and vertical level at utmost positioning

Digital temperature control can complete preheating and practical heating in precision

Energy and cost efficient for lower operation costs, lightweight

Clamping and levering design offers portability and maximum stability

Self-contained heating elements can gratify even, quick and consistent heating

Support interchangeable branding die of all characters in mold or separated characters

Convenient to removing from site to another side that is flexible in shop operation

04: Special Notice

Truck Tire Marks Signs Mold Pressing Hot Brander is constructed to hold up under everyday use, and will give the user long efficient service, hot brander operates at high temperature and should be used very carefully, severe burns or fire may result if the tool is used improperly, keep hot brander away from combustible material, don’t place heated hot brander in areas where other may accidentally come in contact with them, always use the correct voltage the tool was designed for, plugging a 110v tool into a 220v circuit is extremely dangerous and will cause the hot brander to fail, avoid leaving the tool plugged in for long periods of time without use because it is possible to build up and excess of heat, when in use, never rest the brander in a position with the branding head point to person around, always use the stand to rest the brander on a non-combustible surface, don’t strike hot brander against head surface to shake off dirty, clean branding mold with a brass brush to clean the rubber debris 

Machine Details

Truck Tire Marks Signs Mold Pressing Hot Brander

Truck Tire Marks Signs Mold Pressing Hot Brander has been designed to give many operating advantages and longer working life, the special heating system allows the tool to heat very quickly and maintain a higher operating temperature, but still ensure a longer working life of the hot brander, the balance and minimal weight of this hot brander make it easier to handle and control, this is especially important during long hours of use, clamping design create a consistent and reliable vulcanizing in marking protruded codes, the lever screw the driving bar to apply melting pressure, digital temperature takes possibility of swift switch between preheating and practical heating to attain precision performance of permanent, indelible and imperishable molding codes 

Machine Uses

Truck Tire Marks Signs Mold Pressing Hot Brander

Truck Tire Marks Signs Mold Pressing Hot Brander creates protruded marks in clean surface of tire with interchangeable branding dies engraved unique numbers for in-mold identification of new or retreaded tires, the hot brander is electric heated for thermostat automatically after presetting, the versatile codes such as type, ID, Signs can be vulcanizing formed with corresponding molds 

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