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Filter Welding Circular Spin Friction Welder of Plastic Oil/Water Filters Lid Frictional Rotation Welding Machine_Rotary Welders

Filter Welding Circular Spin Friction Welder

Filter Welding Circular Spin Friction Welder

Filter Welding Circular Spin Friction Welder consists of generating heat by rotational friction at circular joint to weld thermoplastic parts, the spin friction welder applies force axially while rotating one part against its stationary mate, the resulting friction generates heat that melts the parts at the spherical interface,once rotation stops, the material cols and solidifies, forming a welded assemble with impervious effect,for cases where the parts must be oriented in a particular manner with respect to each other, the spin friction welder stops the rotation at the precise angular orientation that driven by servo motor as another solution 

Machine Description

Filter Welding Circular Spin Friction Welder

01: Application

Filter Welding Circular Spin Friction Welder take solid-states of joining interface in welding process, the rotary friction at the shearing area raises the temperature under rational pressure,coarse grain produced in engaging joints bond the circular shaped connecting object, Filter Welding Circular Spin Friction Welder is additional referred to as rotary friction welding, is the joining technology of choice when assembling spherical or cylindrical shaped thermoplastic round parts, such as oil/water/air/medical filters, mug, tube, cup and barrel and other such shaped object with symmetrical geometry, in spin friction welding process, the top half is rapidly spun against its mating parts in applying rotary friction at the engagement which is held stationary in a nesting fixture, the resulting heat that is generated by the combination of spinning action, and friction brings the plastic material to its melting point and fuses the two parts together, producing strong and impervious seal, hermetic seals are also attainable material dependant and weld joint configuration, while spin welding works with all thermoplastic and can accommodate virtually any diameter part, it is particularly suit for crystalline reins such as polyethylene and polypropylene

02: Parameter


Filter Welding Circular Spin Friction Welder



Motor Power


Line Voltage

220v, 60hz or 380v, 50hz Three Phase

Welding Diameter


Actuator Journey  


Welding Time




Air Pressure






03: Salient Advantages of spin friction welder

High- strength, hermetically sealing joins for several dissimilar materials

Cost-effective for round weld joints, position-based indexing possible

Requires less velocity(better for engineering resins),improved process control

Heat confine to weld interface, compatible with most thermoplastic

Ideal for welding PP and PE, no consumables, fuses or emissions

Relative fast cycle times when compared with other methods

Low power consumption, low maintenance, and quick-change tooling

Up to 8 programmable channel for versatile production and easier load and unload

Ability to weld parts with the circular joints that is not easily welded by ultrasonic welding

Programmable data embodied frictional time, velocity, dwell time and rational pressure

04: Machine’s characters

Operation security: Triggering mode of two hands complies with CE standard in safe consideration, and has an emergency stop button on the front panel that can halt the halt the machine in accident case, additional ascent the machine’s head in mould debugging status

Welding Mode: Time welding mode to meet fusing requirements of non-positioning welding, it can be used to weld round plastic work-pieces of different sizes

Processing method: robust construction made of steel to enhance structural performance, using heavy duty universal casters, bearing 500kgs,safe and durable, convenient to move at working sites to gratify flexible production

High precision: The high rigidity structure design and precise design of the transmission mechanism effectively prevent the vibration of the machine when the machine is started/instantaneous stopped with high reliability and durability, the spindle rotation drive adopts a precision motor with high torque output

Intelligent: Text digital control panel, human-computer interaction interface to set and adjust welding parameters, including pressure, welding time and holding pressure, time, process control adopts programmable logic controller to provide required control and function

Detailed Images

Filter Welding Circular Spin Friction Welder

Filter Welding Circular Spin Friction Welder is the preferred technique for thermoplastic parts with a circular axis joint which have high bond strength/hermetic requirement, during spin friction welding, one part is held stationary in a pneumatic holding fixture while a second part is rotary against it under pressure at speeds up to 16000rpm, this resulting friction causes the joining surface to melt and fuse together, producing strong hermetic welds

Machine Uses

Filter Welding Circular Spin Friction Welder

Filter Welding Circular Spin Friction Welder takes advantages of thermoplastic parts welding with spherical joint, particularly for crystalline resins such as PE,PP that is difficult to weld with ultrasonic technology, both are solid state of cold-welding process, but, spin friction welder allows non-weldable material of ultrasonic welder, when people ponder about welding, they usually think of plastic getting melted together using external heating to melt the jointing interface, they don’t think of materials getting connected via speed and pressure,just like the name suggests, spin friction welder uses lateral rubbing movement to weld joints, in this welding procedure, don’t require external heat in the connecting process,therefore, rather than a fusion weld procedure, spin friction welder is a solid-state process, he final joint is usually as potent as the base material, this welding approach is used in various industries to connect parts, such as oil/water/air/medial industrial filter, tube, cup, mug, barrel, and other likely circular shaped object

Buying Guides 

Filter Welding Circular Spin Friction Welder

Filter Welding Circular Spin Friction Welder should have a weld area equal to or greater than typical wall section of the part, joints should additionally provide sufficient part-to-part alignment, the popular designs embodies shear joint, flange shear joint and tongue & groove joint basin on necessary considerations, such as parts joint must be a circular axis, determine whether or not final orientation of parts is required,joint design must take into account flash/particulate produced during the friction, perfectly, upper part half will be designed for use with drive features (areas for driver to engage part), ideal parting line will be parallel to the force applied by the driver, joint design must allow for sufficient collapse distance,insufficient collapse may cause pool welding strength, material selection may have an impact on welder type in option of orientation or inertia, part must be designed so that there is no contact (other than the joint area) between the spinning part half and the clamped part half

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Filter Welding Circular Spin Friction Welder can achieve benefit from repeatability, traceability, accuracy and flexibility in thermoplastic assembling process, unavoidable shaped jointing interface happens solely in spherical/round/circular geometries,in addition, engaged area attain frictional shear without deformation,but perfectly entrapped overflow resins, some parts requests angular orientated direction, the spin friction welder must stop at the specified manner that demands servo driven actuator, unavoidable elemental in injection mold design and machine independent impels us forwarder in experience and practice, our tech team takes unremitting efforts to work out a reliable and affordable solution for our clients around the world, thanks for their years research, development and construction, believe that at least one solution is workable for your individual production,aspire to be your reliable consultant or supplier, don’t hesitate to contact us

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